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  Spr 14:32 08 Jun 2009

This is not a true Computer question I hope someone will be able to help me. I'm running Vista

I have a photo in landscape that I wish to (using Adobe Photoshop CS 3)
Print out in Portrait (10x15cm) I have tried but the photo is distorted.
Is there anyway it can be done, size of the photo I wish to use is below

Width 1936 Pixel
Height 1288

Doc size

Width 68.3 cm
Height 45.55

Resolution 73 pixel/inch

  anchor 15:21 08 Jun 2009

I am puzzled. I have just tried this using Paint Shop Pro and had no problem.

I made an landscape image to approx the same size as yours; then rotated it by 90 degrees. It is now 68.3cm high and 45.3 wide. (Note height is greater than width for a portrait).

I suspect that you are not maintaining aspect ratio.

  anchor 15:52 08 Jun 2009

Just repeated this with Adobe CS3; again no problem.

The term used here for maintaining the aspect ratio is Constrain proportions.

  Spr 16:30 08 Jun 2009


That is true I have also done that. It is a photo of two people when you turn them 90 dec's they are on thier side.

  eedcam 18:58 08 Jun 2009

You cant really change the Aspect ratio without distorting only real way is to resize to the height you want and Crop the sides .Of course the subject hopefully is in the middle of the pic.

  ton 20:13 08 Jun 2009

You need to crop it to portrait shape.
You can't just stretch it !

  anchor 12:53 10 Jun 2009

Now I understand better; I understood you meant the actual image was distorted.

As ton & eedcam state, you need to crop the picture to a portrait format. Hopefully, the people are reasonably close together to allow this. Then resize the picture to be suitable for printing.

  john bunyan 17:04 10 Jun 2009

When you have cropped etc as above, I suggest you look at the total pixels then change the output to 300 dpi for printing - I usually keep my photos at 10" x 8" at 300 dpi so can always reduce them if a smaller one is needed.

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