Adobe PDF help wanted

  The Teacher 19:50 20 Feb 2006

I am currently off work with tonsilitis. I have a disk of maths worksheets that are in Adobe PDF format and which I use a lot.

The problem is that I cannot copy or paste because it says that the document is encrypted. I have never had this problem before and have used the copy paste facility regularly.

I need to use these sheets to set work for tomorrow. Anybody got any ideas on how to over-ride encryption?


The Teacher

  €dstowe 19:54 20 Feb 2006

The whole point of encryption is so that you cannot alter the files.

  The Teacher 19:57 20 Feb 2006

I don't want to alter them, just send certain pages by e-mail but I cannot figure out how to do that either.

The Teacher

  brambles 10:31 21 Feb 2006

Open My Computer
Click on the drive that contains the worksheets.
Make sure the View is details
Right click on a file and select Send - you will have an option Mail Recipient.


  keith-236785 10:49 21 Feb 2006

in adobe, click on the file menu edit/select all, this selects everything on the open page, then click edit/copy.

you can then paste into word or an e-mail etc.

not sure if it will work for encrypted though but thats how i grab bits of pdf files that i want to save.

  VoG II 14:49 21 Feb 2006
  The Teacher 19:52 21 Feb 2006

Thanks all.

I finished up using another set of worksheets that I could copy and paste from PDF but not what I wanted.

I cannot understand what is up with this file because I have used the copy and paste facility with this disk regularly, but for some reason last night it wasn't playing.

Thanks for the link VoG, I have a feeling I have something similar on a PC mag disk, if not I will look into further the software you provided the link for.

Thanks again to you all.

The Teacher

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