Adobe PageMaker and Mirroring??

  Mysticnas 16:59 01 Jan 2004

hi there,

not sure how many people will be able to help me on this, but maybe the FE or the ed, or even anyone who does DTP???

Using PageMaker 6.5 and trying to mirror the image so i can print out onto film.

i can't find anything in the help topics. It's soo annoying.

Please help.

  Pesala 21:00 01 Jan 2004

but on my Linotronic 330 postscript driver, device options tab there is a setting for negative, which is currently set to false. My guess is that setting that to true would do what you need. Can you test it on a postscript laser printer to see if you get a negative?

I once printed a book to a file on disk from PageMaker Classic (version 4) and sent that for publication. That’s my only experience of postscript printing.

  Pesala 21:06 01 Jan 2004

On the graphics tab there is a setting for mirror image. That sounds more like what you want, but assume you need a negative image too on film ???

click here

  Mysticnas 22:14 01 Jan 2004

not negative.... positive image but mirrored, so all the text is back to front. before someone says why don't i just print normal and turn the film over, i can't. The ink need to be on a certain side of the film.

  Pesala 22:57 01 Jan 2004

What wrong selecting just mirror, and not negative?

  Mysticnas 22:58 01 Jan 2004

Not sure why, but I don't get the graphics tab with the Brother printer interface! something else to investigate.....

  deggsymann 09:28 02 Jan 2004

i actually run a film output service and our outputter has a mirror image option itself.Have you tried sending the file as normal from your pc and flipping it later on in the process?

  Edstow 10:34 02 Jan 2004

You should be able to find a "flip" command which will flip left to right (mirror) or top to bottom (upside down). In PSP the left to right flip is termed a mirror command but in other programs e.g Publisher it is "flip horizontal"

  Sheila-214876 10:36 02 Jan 2004

Do you have MS Publisher? That has a mirror mode. I use it for printing on to "iron on" paper for putting on to T-Shirts. Not sure I understand your comment "just print normal and turn the film over, i can't. The ink need to be on a certain side of the film." You can still print normally on the correct surface of the film and then flip the film and it is mirrored. I just tried it myself.

  Pesala 13:35 02 Jan 2004

Mysticnas is printing from PageMaker, so MS Publisher's option is no use. It should be possible with the right Postscript printer driver. It seems to be possible with the Linotronic driver.

  Edstow 13:48 02 Jan 2004

My suggestion was a general one and did not endorse MS Publisher but just suggested that as other graphics programs have a flip or mirror function, it is most likely that the one in question also has this.

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