ADOBE - lso/flash cookies

  Garthyy 18:50 08 Oct 2010

I hadnt heard of these bfore today and am quite scared by them. Go to click here to be able to change your settings to protect your privacy. If I have this wrong please someone tell me.

  northumbria61 21:52 08 Oct 2010

If you haven't used it before it is straightforward and not something to be scared of.

If you look down the left hand side of that screen under the heading "Table of Contents" then start by clicking on each one in turn down that list ie; "Flash Player Help" first - each one explains exactly what it does.

Take your time to read each one in turn and only change what you feel is necessary for YOUR needs.

That's how we all learn and gain confidence.

  northumbria61 21:57 08 Oct 2010

Garthy - read this article - arguments for and against - I tend to go with No7.
click here

  northumbria61 22:04 08 Oct 2010

I am careful about the sites I visit, so I am not TOO worried about cookies.

You should consider installing WOT (Web of Trust) or Calling ID which would warn you about undesirable websites.

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