Adobe Internet Links Opening in Wrong Browser

  Pesala 09:53 26 Nov 2006

I have Opera set up as my default browser for HTML files. If I open an HTML file from Windows Explorer it opens in Opera. However, if I open an internet link from a PDF file in Adobe Reader, it opens Internet Exploder 7.0.

Is there some way to change this naughty behaviour? If I click a link in a PDF file opened in Foxit Reader it obediently opens in my default browser.

  anskyber 10:27 26 Nov 2006

Not sure. You could try this. Open the reader and choose edit and preferences. from "internet" uncheck display pdf in browser.

  Pesala 11:28 26 Nov 2006

Contrary to my expectations that actually works. Of course, links to PDF files on web pages will now open Adobe Reader instead of the plugin, but only in Internet Explorer. Links on web pages in Opera still do what I want them to do, open the file in Foxit Reader.

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