Adobe gamma & desktop colours

  Creditman 19:10 13 Jan 2005

When I switch on, the colours on my desktop are very pale. I then go to Control>Adobe Gamma & run through the settings. I do not alter anything since the settings are exactly right - in fact I leave Adobe G as soon as I see the settings are OK - but when I return to the desktop (within a few minutes) the colours have improved immensely, being much brighter & more vivid. The next time I switch on however I am back to the pale version again. Can anyone explain this please ? How can I ensure the colours stay bright ? Thanks

  AndySD 20:38 13 Jan 2005

Do you leave your monitor on standby or switch it off when yo turn the pc off.

Just as a trial could you switch the monitor on a few mins b4 you turn the pc on.

  Creditman 21:20 13 Jan 2005

Monitor is never turned off so I guess it is on permanent standby.

  AndySD 21:28 13 Jan 2005

I suspect its a problem with the monitor. But it may not be.

Lets look at that first though. If you reboot the pc (after using it for a while)does it still take time for the colour to return?

  Creditman 22:02 13 Jan 2005

AndySD - Thanks. After some experimenting, I find that when I switch on after hibernating (my usual practice) the desktop comes on pale & stays like that unless I go into Adobe Gamma (as described). If I do a restart instead of hibernating, desktop comes on pale but within few seconds changes to the required brightness. I have'nt tried "turn off computer" or "standby". Does any of this give a clue ? (Windows XP) Thanks.

  Creditman 22:13 13 Jan 2005

AndySD - Further experimenting shows that turning off via "standby" gives the same result as hibernation, & that the "turn off" option gives the same result as "restart".

  AndySD 22:26 13 Jan 2005

Ok it is starting to look like either a driver problem or an Adobe Gamma problem. I will have a look arround.

In the meantime it may well be worth updating your graphics drivers.

  AndySD 22:58 13 Jan 2005

Is it an ATI graphics adapter by any chance.

  Creditman 09:32 14 Jan 2005

AndySD - Recently updated to latest version of Intel(R)82845G, but this had no effect on desktop colours problem.

  AndySD 20:31 14 Jan 2005

Ok so its looking like Adobe Gamma is not reloading, what program and its version did you get gamma with. eg Photoshop 6

  Creditman 21:00 14 Jan 2005

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.

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