Adobe Flash Player version 10

  armstrongpiper 20:56 04 Oct 2010

I'm being driven scatty by this. I can't remember how many times I have downloaded this system successfully (according to the message at the end of the process), but I Keep getting a warning near the top of the screen that I need to run the Flash add-on before I can do what I intend. I also cannot get 'Street View' to work withour reinstalling Flash Player again. It is so irritating. My operating system is Windows XP with Service Pack 3. I have AVG, Spybot, McAfee (all disabled as I don't want it.
With this information, can anyone please tell me what I should do to get the blasted Flash player to do its stuff and leave me alone to do mine?!!!


  northumbria61 21:28 04 Oct 2010

Is it Internet Explorer that is prompting you to install Falsh Player?

  armstrongpiper 21:35 04 Oct 2010

Yes, I think so.


  northumbria61 21:54 04 Oct 2010

Prevent Internet Explorer
from prompting you to install Flash:

a. Click Start, then Run, and enter this command:

notepad %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

A Notepad window should appear with a file in which most of the lines
begin with "#".
b. At the bottom of the file, add the following line:

I don't know if this solution will work but worth trying. The prefix may not be necessary.

  armstrongpiper 22:05 04 Oct 2010

Tried it, but after the first command entered into the 'run' box, wasn't allowed in.
Anyway, thanks for trying to help.


  northumbria61 22:11 04 Oct 2010

Did you copy and paste that command into "run" box.
It works in Windows 7 but can't advise any further for XP

  armstrongpiper 22:21 04 Oct 2010

I am not a 'whizz' at this game and don't know what you mean by 'copy and paste'. I typed the command into the run command box.
Sorry for being dense!


  northumbria61 22:28 04 Oct 2010

Neil - info here for how to "copy and paste" for future reference. I suggested doing that as it makes sure that you don't make a typing error.
click here

  DarCol 23:27 04 Oct 2010

Upgrades, and updates are available to patch security issues, compatibility, and bugs. That's why they are necessary.

And blocking them will make your pc outdated, and a security risk for you. Also Maybe there is a registry issue, try to fix it with ccleaner, and then update your flash player, close and restart your browser, check for errors on your system again, and fix them with ccleaner. And then check if it asks for the update again. IF that is the case, upgrade your explorer to latest version. And reinstall flash player by uninstalling, and then reinstalling it.

  armstrongpiper 23:28 04 Oct 2010

northumbria61 - thanks for info on cut and pasting. Used this to input your run command, but couldn't understand the resulting list of files etc, so abandoned this.
124 - closed everything down, uninstalled all Adobe Flash, download manager and Reader programmes. Restarted computer and re-installed all Adobe stuff. Then tried to use Street view, and am again prompted to install Flash Player 10 or better, then Activex, whereupon Street View worked. However, on exiting Google Maps and then going back, Street View again need Activex. I'm going to bed, and tomorrow will explore closing down AVG or Spybot and do it all again. Thanks for your help

  audeal 23:36 04 Oct 2010

northumbria61: If you say it works in windows7 then please explain how to do it as there is no "Run" command after clicking the start button in win7.

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