Adobe Flash Player

  sunnystaines 17:34 28 Jun 2011

remember to update it

link text

  birdface 17:39 28 Jun 2011


Thanks for the update.

looks like there is an update for it every other week at the moment.

  ams4127 20:19 28 Jun 2011

I keep getting reminders every few days to update Flash Player. I click on "update" and get a message saying "Connecting". A couple of minutes later the following message appears "Error, unable to connect to server. Check That you are connected to internet".

I am connected (everything else downloads/updates with no problem). All I can do is cancel. This happens on both my laptop and desktop.

Anyone else found this problem?

sunnystaines, sorry for highjacking your thread, but I thought someone trying to update after your post might come across the same problem and have found a solution.

  TonyV 20:21 28 Jun 2011

Yeah, but it still will not operate on IE9 64Bit!! When will that get sorted?


  sunnystaines 20:59 28 Jun 2011


download from my link and see if it installs over the top of the older one that is wahat i did on w7 32bit

  birdface 21:21 28 Jun 2011


You can install the beta version of 64 bit.

  ams4127 11:35 29 Jun 2011

sunnystaines. Thanks, I'll try that tonight.

  mooly 12:56 29 Jun 2011

Can I ask whether you folk just update via the Adobe notifier or when you know there is an update do you uninstall the old one first (with the Adobe removal tool) and then install the latest ?

I got caught out yesterday... a problem I have heard about but never experienced quite this badly and that is painfully slow Adobe download during the evenings in the UK. It took one and half hours to complete the Flash player download last night from the Adobe download manager. I nearly waited until this morning but risked it... wish I had waited now.

  TonyV 11:27 30 Jun 2011


I get the impression that it is still very much in the development stage, and that they are working/relying on feedback from the Beta version. I will hang on until there is a released version available and work with IE9 32bit in the interim.



  hiwatt 14:29 30 Jun 2011

Thanks Sunnystaines!Yeah there's been quite a few flash player updates in the last few [email protected],I always uninstall the previous version of adobe flash player,do a registry clean and delete any left over folders before installing the new version.

  rdave13 15:34 30 Jun 2011

Just installed the new version using Adobe's manager. Only took a few minutes. Checked programs and features prior to installing and afterwards and the older version is removed.

Thanks sunnystaines.

Latest from Adobe.

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