Adobe Digital editions - can't download an EPUB boo

  sheila.weston 16:07 24 Aug 2011

I am trying to download an audio-book from the local library website. It goes into my downloads folder as an *acsm file, but will not open when I select it - Adobe DE opens with an error message 'cannot find folder'. If I open Adobe DE and try to add it to the library, I am offered only pdf or epub files, so the acsm file doesn't show up.

Can someone suggest where I am going wrong, please. The library say that the acsm file is only valid for a short while as it allows the epub file to be downloaded.

  Woolwell 16:21 24 Aug 2011

Are you trying to get this to work with your iPod? See Adobe forum

  ton 20:57 24 Aug 2011

The acsm file is just a link.

You need to double click the acsm, it will then download the book.

You should then find the book in your Adobe DE as an epub file.

  lotvic 22:00 24 Aug 2011

ACSM stands for Adobe Content Server Manager. That name gives a clue as to the purpose of these files — they are download manager files. They manage the download of your ebook.

  sheila.weston 09:00 25 Aug 2011

I am trying to download the audiobook into my pc first, before transferring it across, as I have done with a wma file. Eventually I will try downloading direct into the ipod, but touch, but am not sure if this is possible.

Anyhow, to get it into the vista laptop first ........... the acsm file goes into my downoads folder, but I don't seem to be able to get past that stage. When I double-click it, the Adobe DE opens and the error message comes up saying that it can't find the folder. Then I get the error message as I said in the first post ie it is looking for an epub or pdf file, which I don't have. Odd.

I have written to the ibrary and they suggest that I don't have 'permission', but I have followed their dirextions and I DO have permission to read and write.

  sheila.weston 09:08 25 Aug 2011

Sorry, Woolwell, I have just read the other link. I do not have a Digital editions Folder so I have created one and will try again later, although surely this implies that Adobe or the library program should create one itself? I'll have a think.

  ton 13:59 25 Aug 2011

There is some confusion here.

Your heading says an EPUB book.

Then you are saying AUDIO BOOK.

Which is it ?

If it is an AUDIO book then Adobe DE is not the program you need.

Look on the library website, 'Overdrive' is what you need for AUDIO.

So is it a book for reading or to listen to ?

  sheila.weston 20:16 25 Aug 2011

Thanks Ton. Yes, I want AUDIO books at the present time and was thinking that EPUB books were audio, as well as the WMAs (which I can download OK). Now know better!

I am still working on the Adobe DE problem, though.

  ton 21:47 25 Aug 2011

The Adobe DE folder is created when it installs.

The folder 'My Digital Editions' should be in your Documents Folder.

  sheila.weston 13:53 27 Aug 2011

Yes, I have a 'Digital Editions folder in my 'documents' folder. It is empty. The folder is actually in the e:\drive as I have the (only) drive on my laptop partitioned. Any other ideas? I think that I will have to give it up as a bad job.

  john bunyan 14:25 27 Aug 2011

My grand daughter has a couple of Audio books on her i Pod touch and I found that a free programme called Chapter and Verse useful to combine many chapters into one. They are in MPEG-4 audio format.

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