Adobe Acrobat Reader won't send by email

  prykie 00:32 01 Nov 2005

I scanned in a 17 page document to Adobe Acrobat Reader but was unable to send it as an attachment by email. I think it might be stopped by Norton AV 2004. Does anyone have an answer for me please?

  Gandalph 00:59 01 Nov 2005

I've just posted one to myself, 21 pages. I will let you know what happens.

  Gandalph 01:09 01 Nov 2005

Right, I've received the email back so that bit is working OK. I don't use Norton AV I took it off years ago as it was slowing my machine down something terrible. Try closing Norton and try sending it again and see if that cures it.

  Simsy 05:01 01 Nov 2005

"I scanned in a 17 page document to Adobe Acrobat Reader" do you mean that you created a .pdf file?

If so, as it's 17 pages long, depending on the content, (i.e. how many and how big any graphics contained are), it might be quite a large file. If so then it might be bigger than your isp allows for attachments...

How big is the file? What exactly is the problem/error message?



  prykie 16:16 01 Nov 2005

Thanks for responses. I scanned in a 17 page document written by someone else as a pdf so I did not create it. I can't remember the error message but will see if I can get it to come up. The document is 31.4 mg so maybe it is too big. Thanks for the tip. Perhaps I should have scanned it as a RTF? I will try turning Norton off when I send it in case it's that.

  Splork 16:19 01 Nov 2005

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  PaulB2005 16:19 01 Nov 2005

Far too big....

  Diemmess 16:49 01 Nov 2005

Normally, (Well not so long ago) either you wrote the document and "printed to a file" it as a pdf, or you scanned it as a picture say TIFF, you had a picture file suitable for OCR.

You could not in those days edit a pdf even you had written it, without going back to the source (Word etc).

I'm probably horribly wrong ....... but I understand a pdf file to be a very clever set of instructions for either printer or screen, but is not readily editable like its source file is, and yet is dramatically smaller than its origins.

17 pages is tiny by .pdf standards, look at the downloaded manuals these days many have >200 pages.

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