Adobe acrobat reader 6.0

  Kingfisher 15:19 01 Apr 2004

Has anybody had success in trying to install ver 6.0 from this months disc. I find it just freezes when you try to access it after installation, I have tried uninstalling all previous versions and removing all references in the registry. I have reinstalled version 5.1 but that does not start automatically when trying to read pdf's can anyone help please. My os is 98se 256ram and about 6gig of hard disk space.
n.b. adobe's support site didn't help

  Chronos 15:25 01 Apr 2004

might be easier to just download it off the net.

  BurrWalnut 15:36 01 Apr 2004

This will speed up the opening of files in Version 6 but I don't know if it will solve your freezing problem.

Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader
Open the plug_ins folder, click Edit, Select All, click Edit, Cut. Click the Back button and open the Optional folder, click Edit, Paste and you will be asked if you want to move Arcosign.prc. Click Yes, now when you next open a pdf document, it will be almost instantaneous.

  RickyC :-) 15:53 01 Apr 2004


If, instead of clicking on the install button from the cover disc menu, you go to the following folder on the disc: D:\edit\Utilities\ENUBIG (where D is the letter for your CD-ROM drive), you can run the file setup.exe, and this will avoid the rather long-winded installation optimisation process.

The version on the cover disc is precisely the same as the latest version from the Adobe site. The 'ENUBIG' folder on the disc, contains the files which are extracted as part of the installation process. This should save you considerable time, and is also recommended for users installing the program on a lower-spec PC.


Richard Clooke

CD Editor

  lamda 21:45 01 Apr 2004

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  lamda 21:50 01 Apr 2004

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  deadneat 22:30 01 Apr 2004

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  Covergirl 23:06 01 Apr 2004

. . . or at least, be prepared for a re-installation. I just tried it and now Acrobat 6 won't work. So cut & pasted everything back and it "encountered a problem" ! Maybe OK after a re-boot - if I get time I'll let you know.

  ventanas 08:28 02 Apr 2004

BurrWalnut's experiment did work for me, and speeded up the loading as he said. I then put the files back as a test, and still had no problems. Now moved them out again. Perhaps there are problems if you are running Acrobat itself as well as the Reader.

  BurrWalnut 14:20 02 Apr 2004

Evidently there is a problem with this speed-up fix but only in a small number of cases. I will post back when I have more information as to which configurations are affected.

It works for me on WinXP.

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