Adobe Acrobat Professional - how to delete text?

  stugra 15:20 13 Apr 2008

Going mad here!

I have to delete some text from an existing pdf file ready for the boss tomorrow. However, I do not know how to use the software! When I delete the line of text he wants me to remove, it strikes the text out.

How do I remove the text completely and resave the pdf file ready to give back to him tomorrow please??


  MAT ALAN 15:28 13 Apr 2008

TouchUp Text Tool

The main tool for editing text in Adobe Acrobat Professional is the TouchUp Text Tool. With this tool, the user can select an existing block of text and modify it before inserting it back into the document.

click here

text taken from link...

  Technotiger 15:28 13 Apr 2008

click here click on Editing a PDF file.

  Technotiger 15:29 13 Apr 2008

Snap !!

  stugra 15:31 13 Apr 2008

Thanks guys - but I do not understand how to delete the text - this justs marks it for deletion - how do I actually get it to disappear from the page?

  stugra 15:36 13 Apr 2008

Sorry - it might actually delete the text, but I was using the wrong toolbar - However - it now says:
"All or part of the selection has no available system font. You cannot add or delete text using the currently selected font."

Any ideas please?

  MAT ALAN 15:38 13 Apr 2008

click here

follow thread to "Using the Text Edit Toolbar"

  stugra 15:41 13 Apr 2008

Yes MAT ALAN, and the thread says:
Delete text Select the text to delete using the Text Edits tool, and press Delete or Backspace on the keyboard. You see the text crossed-out in the document

Crossed out but not deleted??

  Technotiger 15:43 13 Apr 2008

I have not edited a PDF myself, but I would guess that the crossed out text will not appear in the saved amended document.

  MAT ALAN 15:45 13 Apr 2008
  MAT ALAN 15:46 13 Apr 2008

Forgot, just watch!! it shows you exactly what you need to do...

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