Adobe acrobat.

  Tony W. 15:00 21 Jun 2011

Each time I start-up my laptop a message appears saying Adobe Acrobat could not locate profiles please reinstall Acrobat.This program was already pre-installed on the laptop when it was originally purchased so I don't have a disc. When I logged onto the Adobe site to reinstall its saying there is a charge for this particular download. Do I actually need this program in which case can I remove the existing one. Many thanks Tony.

  northumbria61 15:16 21 Jun 2011

You probably will need it at some time if you want to view any PDF files - you could try installing the latest version for your O.S. - it should download and install over any existing version but if not you will have to remove older version first - I have never had a problem installing "over the top" of older version. Download/Install latest version from here link text

  Woolwell 15:18 21 Jun 2011

I think that you may be confusing Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader (the message is likely to be misleading). It is unusual to find Adobe Acrobat on new Pc's. Adobe Reader is free (no charge for download) and allows you to read pdf files. There are other alternatives like Foxit Reader.

  northumbria61 15:21 21 Jun 2011

The LINK I have given you is a FREE download so no cost involved to you. If you have a problem with the older version post again on here.

The error message you had would probably be down to the fact that it was pre-installed and has now expired - hence the asking for payment.

  Tony W. 15:44 21 Jun 2011

Northumbria61. Thank you for your help and the link just downloaded and installed that program and after re-starting twice(just to make sure)no more error messages thanks a lot. Also thank you Woolwell for your input.


  northumbria61 16:04 21 Jun 2011

Good! Don't forget to tick as "resolved" - the grey box below "Likes" will then turn into a "Green Tick"

  Tony W. 16:08 21 Jun 2011

Sorry forgot to do that done down thanks.

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