March Wind 20:29 09 Mar 2011

I have Adobe Reader 9 Adobe Reader X10 and more. are they of any benefit to me. I don't know why I have them or if I need them. Googling looks as if it is for reading pages on the web. Sorry I do not understand what I am reading. Could you explain please what it is really for then maybe I will be able to decide whether to keep it. (them all)

  March Wind 20:40 09 Mar 2011

I have Adobe Acrobat4.0 Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Adobe AIR Adobe flash Player 10 plugin Adobe Flash Player 10 ACTiveX, Adobe Reader 9.3.4 Adobe Reader 9.4.2 Adobe Reader x(10.0.1) (Adobe Photoshop) This is a program I know I want to keep even though I do not use it.)

  March Wind 22:38 09 Mar 2011

Thank you very much for that. I deleted what you suggested. Reading the web, do I need Adobe? If not, I could delete more as I don't often read PDF files. I would like to view Youtube but never have been able to as the picture is ALWAYS broken? I beleave I do need adobe for this. could you give me more advise please?

  March Wind 02:17 10 Mar 2011

I have clicked on the links and installed' Looks as if I have one twice.

You can safely remove the non-ActiveX version of FlashPlayer just get and install the ActiveX one.

Not quite sure about this sentence. Yes I do only have IE installed but what if I decide to use Chrome one day?

If I did want to remove the non-ActiveX version of flashPlayer. Which icon would that be? I down loaded both links then I put my downloads into my completed downloads folder.
Adobe 10 ex player? (Adobe Plugin (Chrome)? player ax exe? I will be back later with hopefully a clear mind.

  March Wind 12:26 10 Mar 2011

FlashPlayer YouTube
The ActiveX version. Internet Explorer.
Adobe flash Player 10 plugin". Chrome etc.

Only have Internet Explorer installed. You can safely remove the non-ActiveX version of FlashPlayer and ignore any of the above links for it - just get and install the ActiveX one.

I now have on my D/T Adobe Flash Player Installer. My Documents Folder, I have. Adobe Flash Pl Helper, Plug In Installer Flash Player ax exa I did not download Foxit. Do I now need this for PDF files as I deleted Reader 10.01. sorry I am so difficult.

  March Wind 13:55 10 Mar 2011

I uninstalled one with Revo. Which?

I can now see Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player 10.ActiveX. In Revo.

In My downloads folder. I deleted, Plug In Installer

I now have left in my Downloads folder.
Adobe flashplayer 10exe Helper v
AbeRdr920 v 2.0.034
install_flash Player exe
install_flash Player ax exe
Before moving on to Foxi, can I sort this out first. This is a 2 min job For someone who knows. For me it is 2 days and nights. Thank you so much for your help I really do appreciate it. It makes one feel as if they have made a friend. Thanks

  March Wind 00:20 12 Mar 2011

I now only have Adobe AIR and Adobe 10 Active.

I downloaded Foxi. Not sure what I was doing but I clicked on the default, when it gave me a choice, I didn't click on Custom as I do not know what I am doing. I did click on YouTube, then it came up with Thank you for using speed Bit so I deleted that. Was I correct? I never sure anything to do with scanners or registry.

I do have Abby fine Reader. Is that the same sort of thing as Foxi PDF files?

I did install Chrome but I wanted to have msn as my home page but it wouldn't remain so I deleted Chrome.

  mooly 08:46 12 Mar 2011

Abbyy fine reader is an OCR (optical character recognition) program to convert text in pictures etc into an "editable" document.
That probably came with your printer software...

For pdf's you Adobe X is all you need.

Can you view, navigate and save this correctly,
click here

  March Wind 13:03 12 Mar 2011

No, I couldn't see anything only a cross. I have wondered about this. Sometimes when I send a picture that's what they get. I send them to myself to see what it will look like and this is what I see, a box with a x in. Thank you for that. What should I do now?

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