Administrator Rights ?

  Furkin 21:19 20 Oct 2011

H.P Pavilion DV9500 – Win 7 ult 32bit – 4gb ram

Sorry guys, Me again,,,,

I am fitting a new hdd to my laptop. It’s a Samsung 500gb SATA replacing a WD 160gb SATA. I have put it in position 2 (E:), so that I can transfer all my C: drive stuff to it, before putting into position 1 (C:) I turned the machine on & Win 7 said that the new item was Recognised & then Installed Correctly.

I went to Computer, to format the new drive. The first thing that I saw was the size is 7.36gb. I assume that it’s because it isn’t formatted yet. I couldn’t find Format, so typed it into Search. Format showed up above so I clicked that, but all I saw was a quick flash of DOS prompt page.

I also came across this a couple of weeks ago when I wanted to run Scannow. I assumed that it’s because I’m not logged on as Administrator. I went to Shut Down > Switch User, but all I get is one user = “Barry-Administrator”. I looked in C.P > Users & see again that it only contains “Barry-Administrator” (there is also Guest, which is turned Off).

(My desktop has two Users: Barry-Administrator & Administrator. I had to log on as Administrator to run Scannow on that, as Barry-Admin didn’t work.)

1/ How do I get Admin rights on the Lappy ? Or how do I use scannow & format ?

2/ Do I need to know anything else to carry out this ‘simple’ swap ?

3/ Should there be a difference between Barry-Admin & Admin ? If so, why have the other account named Barry-Admin ?

Thanks folks

  Woolwell 22:31 20 Oct 2011

If it is the same as Vista - right click on the command and select run as administrator.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:11 20 Oct 2011

Admin is the installed Admin account that is always there but can be hidden.

Barry Admin is your account created when you got the machine

7.36gb is a partition at the start of the drive probably contains a compressed image of the drive when new for factory reset purposes.

You really need to go into disk management to access and prepare the rest of the drive.

  Furkin 16:27 26 Oct 2011

Thanks guys,

As usual - result.


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