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  haventaclue 13:41 23 Aug 2006

I am getting a new laptop for my birthday, when I will be 17, but the computer has got an administrator on it, and it is not me! It has a password and everything, and I can't hack into it, or start up a new account. Could someone help?

  ade.h 14:11 23 Aug 2006

You're a getting a new laptop... So it's new and you haven't got it yet.... So how do you know that it has a passworded Admin account? I'm confused.

  ventanas 16:29 23 Aug 2006

So am I. If it's "new" to you, but actually second hand, ask the current owner for the password. Or use the disc that comes with it to wipe it clean and start again.

If it is new to you, but XP comes pre-installed, as is usual, then ask the vendor what the admin password is. If it's XP Home there won't be one.

  ventanas 16:30 23 Aug 2006

Sorry, should have read, If it's actually new, with XP preinstalled.

  ventanas 16:32 23 Aug 2006

But new machines usually come with the XP installation not quite finished. You have still to set any passwords for administrators and users.

  rodriguez 18:44 23 Aug 2006

click here and enter the 3 digit security code in the box near the top and press the download button. It's a boot CD I made especially for this purpose. When the CD boots press 1, then select the drive Windows is installed on. It will then search the SAM database and show a list of usernames on your computer. Select the username with the password that you want to reset (which in your case will be Administrator) and make sure there's a X in the reset box. Then press Y to save and Esc to exit. Restart the computer and the Windows password should be gone.

  haventaclue 14:22 31 Aug 2006

what is the 3 digit security code?

  haventaclue 14:31 31 Aug 2006

found the security code, but it asks me which program should I open it with...


  haventaclue 14:39 31 Aug 2006

i have tried to open with IsoBuster, but it wont install isobuster once I have downloased it, because of the administrator

  rodriguez 17:43 31 Aug 2006

You need to open it with CD recording software such as Nero and record to disc and boot from it.

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