Administrator control of own computer?????

  ryangt 05:34 05 Sep 2008

How do i gain admin control over my own computer?? I have a dell inspiron 6000 and the cd/dvd rw drive wont play cds or dvds since i changed the region and now it says i need to be admin before changing it back to us region....Can any of you guys help me??? Admitidly i should know more but i bow down to your expertise, please help me.

  ronalddonald 08:32 05 Sep 2008

your trying to use ie the dvd player software have to tried to uninstall it and install it again. This is only presuming to have the software disc.

Try a system restore and see if that sorts it out.

Normally with dvd software programs they give you five chances to change the region, after the fifth dvd is played it will stay at that region and cant be changed unless you uninstall and the install the software program.

If your using windows xp and have the installation disc you can back up all yur data onto pen drive and do a complete reinstall on windows and install the drivers and then install all the software. B4 you do make sure yu save all your personall stauff on a pen drive and make sure you have the installation discs for the software.

  ryangt 08:39 05 Sep 2008

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont have the BU cd but i changed the region when i moved from the US to AUD im a stupid woman but if any of you strapping young men help me, i would be eternally grateful........

hello :) i know you can boot into safe mode and then you can choose to log on yourself or administrator if that get into safe mode you usually pres f8 while booting and then choose safe mode from there..your computer may have a different button assinged to boot into safe mode so check with documentation that came with your computer or check online kind regards akanic

  tullie 21:21 05 Sep 2008

Software disc?On all the pcs that ive had,theres no software disc.

  lotvic 23:52 05 Sep 2008

you need the software prog 'AnyDVD' have a read of these other pca threads
click here
click here

  iscanut 10:43 06 Sep 2008

I am confused by this thread as I thought the problem was how to set yourself up as an Administrator !

  ryangt 11:13 06 Sep 2008

OK, i tried to restore my comp from about 50 differnet cave points.. NO JOY, none of them would work??? What the hell?? I cant get my disk drive to work at all unless its region 2 shit. I just want my drive to be region 1 again... F8 dosent give me the option to start as admin... All i want is to be in control of my own computer.. this bullshit of it saying i have to have admin privledges on my own comp is crap.. i should be in charge and thats all im trying to do. Pardon my frustration all, im just tired of this machine giving me trouble. I deeply appreciate all of your help.

  lotvic 11:27 06 Sep 2008

please don't swear/use bad language on this family forum

  lotvic 11:29 06 Sep 2008

Are you using XP Home, XP pro or Vista?

  ryangt 11:33 06 Sep 2008


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