ADministrator Access Denied for Games.

  spitty 23:01 13 Sep 2003

IN the past I have been happily playing 2 RTS games, Warrior Kings the Battles & Medievil Total War. But just recently I was informed that I should XP Service PAck 1 and also to update MSN Messanger 6.0. Since downloading these 2 things I can no longer get into the above mentioned games. I am told that I don;t have administrater priveleges and that my Access is Denied. Now I clearly have Admin rights as I am the only user but can not for the life of me figure out why these games now do not work, as the once did fine! I have also uninstalled them and reinstalled them many times. Any help would be most appreciated as I'm about to throw my pc thru the window!

  Ivor_Monkey 23:33 13 Sep 2003

Although you say "Now I clearly have Admin rights as I am the only user", XP can do wonderful things.

Have you confirmed that control panel- user accounts definitely shows your account as having admin status?

  spitty 23:44 13 Sep 2003

Yeah done that, my account status is admin.

  wiznyme 00:19 14 Sep 2003

Don't know exactly what's happened to your admin rights but as a work around.

Create a new folder on your hard drive & re-install games there.

The program files folder is a secured folder on an NTFS drive, meaning that users without admin rights and the programs they are running can only read from the folder.

  spitty 10:45 14 Sep 2003

Thanks Wiznyme but that hasn't worked either. I am completely lost on this one.

  wiznyme 13:42 14 Sep 2003

Try this see if it helps

Go to Start/ Run type in cmd & click OK

This brings up a DOS box. Type in

"cacls FOLDERNAME /e /t /g users:f "

Press enter (replace FOLDERNAME with the whatever you called the new folder)

This give's all users full rights to the folder

  choffe 14:22 14 Sep 2003

go into controll panel, their should be an administrator thingy there, check to see if games are allowed by the settings, or go to ad, remove programs and click on the modify button, i think admin settings can be accessed from there, but i aint too sure, i gave up on xp when it started acting like 2000..

  choffe 14:25 14 Sep 2003

another thing, be careful if you install norton antivirus it doesnt recognise your admin rights after sp1 is installed and can seriously miff you off..

  spitty 16:41 14 Sep 2003

thanks guys!! it was the nortons antivirus thing that screwed everything up. I now have lost all my sound though and get the follwong message SOundcard in system is not properly installed.Reinstall the sound card? Any Ideas??

thanks again

  choffe 17:00 14 Sep 2003

are you running a sound card or onboard sound chip?

  spitty 17:20 14 Sep 2003

a sound card, nvidia geforce3 ti200 (TV + DVI)i think.

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