Administrative Problems

  RussWoo 15:08 11 May 2003

Can anyone please tell me what "not being able to log on as an administrator" means?

Does it apply to ordinary, private, single machine, narrowband users?

Would there be anything wrong with my configuration? I run W98se and was given this reason for not being able to download virus protection from BT

Thanks for any help or advice.

  Forum Editor 16:16 11 May 2003

you don't mention which version you're running, but to install anti-virus software you'll need to be logged into Windows with administrator priviledges.

In Win XP you can resolve the problem by going to Control panel and clicking on 'User accounts'.

  Forum Editor 16:19 11 May 2003

of course you mention which version you're running - my mind's going.......

  powerless 16:23 11 May 2003

"...for not being able to download virus protection from BT"

Are you trying to download an AV protection program and then the message appaears?

  LastChip 16:29 11 May 2003

If you cannot log on a an administrator, it means you do not have full access to the computer.

It should not apply to you, assuming it's you own machine.

Even more of a puzzle, is that (as far as I know) Windows 98se never had the facility to provide an administrative function. This came with Windows NT, 2000 and XP. Do you have addition software, that provides this function?

The only things at the moment I can think of, and I'm not even sure if they would give you your problem, is do you have a Firewall? Maybe this is blocking your download. Or, do you have Virus protection activated in the BIOS? This also sometimes causes strange behavior.

  powerless 18:49 11 May 2003

"BT are being very unhelpful insisting that because my pc/operating system is incorrectly configured to download/install their Netprotect (firewall and virus protection) they will not refund me, because there were "administrative rights problems" and I "cannot log on as an administrator". I am not a commercial user but a narrowband ordinary private user with just one machine that belongs to me. I had managed to download and install the firewall but not the protection, but then their technician uninstalled the firewall anyway. I have no aspect Netprotect at all but they continue to charge me for it saying it's my fault for not having a correctly configured machine. I feel utterly stuffed! This has gone on for 5 weeks and they are being evasive but do not honour their promises to sort it out. I have been passed all over the place and been given conflicting advice. They say their accounts section is "not customer facing" and their technicians just pass me around and they st!
art sending me automated emails again saying they will try to deal with it in 48 hours - but don't."


Best if you post to the forum and not email. This way everyone can see and offer more advice.

So you have the firewall running? If so disbale that...Then try the download again.

I'm not with BT myself for the internet but i assume there is a webpage where you enter a password or something. Then you click a link to download (well try to) this netprotect?

Windows 98SE - You could try and repair internet explorer.

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Double-click Add/Remove Programs >
On the Install/Uninstall tab, click Microsoft Internet Explorer , now click add/remove and choose the repair option. Restart your computer and try again.

Now try the download again.

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