Adjust images to fit widescrn monitor as wallpaper

  absent 17:40 09 Feb 2007

So far the only way I have managed to make my pics fit my wide screen monitor without stretching is to reduce the image size in photoshop to approx 35%.This works OK but I loose a little off the bottom of the pic,such as my dogs front paws. The resolution of the pic is 3648x2736, my monitor resolution is 1280x768.

  cycoze 18:06 09 Feb 2007

When you say "reduce the image size in photoshop to approx 35%" how exactly are you doing this.

If you have plenty of clear space above the dog then set the cropping tool to 1280x768 to crop to those dimensions, after you achieve the desired crop you can then reduce the size of the image to 1280x768px.

  woodchip 18:09 09 Feb 2007

Right click Desktop\Properties\Desktop Drop Down change to Stretch

  absent 22:39 09 Feb 2007

cyzone, by image, image size and then setting the parrameters to %. In this particular pic it seems there not enough space above to acheive the crop without losing to the sides. Woodchip, have tried that already,it is passable but distorts the image.

  tonyq 10:39 10 Feb 2007

Could you not just "Crop" the original picture in Photoshop,placing 1280px in the width box & 768px in the height box,then drag out the box to the postion you want,then save as differant name.

  absent 22:48 15 Feb 2007

Discovered a widescreen setting on my camera, takes great wallpaper if I remember to use it!.

  hssutton 08:02 16 Feb 2007

There is only one way to achieve this without distorting the image and that is to "crop" the original

  Gongoozler 09:40 16 Feb 2007

hssutton, there's a second way if you have suitable graphics software, and which I've used. I added an appropriately coloured blank section to the side of the photo. This made an ideal background for the desktop icons while leaving the photo uncluttered.

  hssutton 19:47 16 Feb 2007

That is correct, but absent did say "Make my pics fit my wide screen monitor"

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