AdHoc Wireless network attempt - problem

  Dipso 00:01 01 Jan 2005

I am attempting to network a desktop and a laptop and share my broadband connection.

I have followed this click here and although the laptop can see the wireless network on the desktop nothing is showing in My Network Places on either machine.

To try and pinpoint the problem, I have reversed the procedure and set the laptop up as the host. The desktop can't see the laptop's wireless network. I know the wireless card on the desktop is emitting a signal as the laptop can see it.

I have turned off the firewall so I know that isn't the problem. Can anyone advise on what the problem could be.

  Forum Editor 01:31 01 Jan 2005

is a separate issue from the networking. Once you have the wireless router set up, and each machine has a wireless network card you should find that they can both access the internet. You will probably have to click on the wireless network connection icon in the system tray and manually select the detected network before you can go online, but that should only happen once.

To set up the network you need to run the networking wizard - make sure that both computers have the same workgroup name (by deafult you'll be offered MSHOME) and that each computer is given a unique individual name. The all you have to do is enable sharing on any folders which you want to be able to access via the network on each machine, and all should be well.

DO NOT enable sharing on the root of a drive under any circumstances - that is, don't share the whole of your C drive for instance - there are serious security risks if you do.

  Dipso 22:04 01 Jan 2005

...I don't actually have a router and am intending to use the host as the gateway. I have followed the instructions in the Microsoft guide, to the letter but "After completing ICS configuration, the Network Connection window on the host computer will display the original wired Ethernet connection and display the status as Shared as well as Enabled. The Network Connection window on the client computer will display the connection on the host as an Internet Gateway" is not showing as a result.

The only difference in my case is that I have a USB not Ethernet connection to the internet but this apparently shouldn't make a difference.

  LeadingMNMs 22:11 01 Jan 2005

The first thing to do is to check whether the computers can talk to each other. First find out each computers IP addresses, by typing "ipconfig /all" into a command prompt.

Now, again in the command prompt type "ping" where is the IP address of the computer that you're NOT on. Hopefully, you should get 4 sucessful replies and not 4 Time Outs. What do you get ?

  Dipso 23:00 01 Jan 2005

...from the laptop and got 4 destination host unreachable's.

I think I am missing something here...from the top, am I supposed to have done anything else prior to following the instructions on the link I gave in my first post because I haven't, bear with me, I can usually get my head round stuff but this has me totally baffled.

Basically, I have gone into Wireless Connection Properties then Advanced and Networks to Access and ticked Computer to computer Ad Hoc Networks and then Added a new connection and called it desktop. I have not configured WEP at this stage.

Then I go into Wireless Network Properties on the laptop and see the desktop network listed at the top. I click configure then OK.

Am I OK so far or should I have done something else?

Weird, while I was typing this, a bubble came up on the desktop, Wireless Connection available, signal strength excellent, the laptop then showed the same message for a few seconds, then both reverted to Wireless connection unavailable?

  Dipso 23:42 01 Jan 2005

I have again reversed the procedure and set up the laptop as host. At first nothing, then after a good few minutes, the desktop picked up the laptops network and the laptop showed connected also. Then again after a few seconds the connection was lost. When I do get a connection, it says signal excellent. I am beginning to think that the wireless card on the desktop is faulty. It is under warranty but I need to be sure it is the card and not me before I contact the manufacturer.

BTW I have attempted this before with a different laptop and got similar results and gave up thinking it was my inability.

  maz2 23:57 01 Jan 2005

I've got 2 PC's on a wireless network and since I've had it all I can share is the internet no matter what I do, I thought it was something to do with having different operating systems 98 on one and XP on the other, but apparently not. I've given up trying now as it was making me so mad.

  Dipso 00:02 02 Jan 2005

...all I really want to be able to do is share internet access LOL! At least it's not just me that's been tearing their hair out over this.

  LeadingMNMs 09:49 02 Jan 2005

The afct that you got the error, destination host unreachable shows that for what ever reason the two computers are failing to see each other. This is normally caused by a firewall blocking internal network traffic, although you have said that the firewalls are disabled (on both computers i assume).

You may be better off configuring the firewall to accept traffic from the IP address of the other computer. Also check the firewalls log and see if this shows that it has been blocking traffic from the other computers IP address. I believe that some firewalls do not completely shutdown when closed.

  Dipso 12:25 02 Jan 2005

I use Zonealarm free and disabled it during the pinging. There is no firewall on the laptop yet so it's not that. I checked the ZA logs but there is nothing showing. I can uninstall it completely and try again but I can't get a IP address for the laptop when I do the ipconfig /all, what is this telling me? I still can't understandwhy I get a connection for a short while last night though?

Sorry but as I said, this is new to me.

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