An addtional hard drive

  Marky_Bhoy 14:44 04 Feb 2004

My music files etc. are taking up a lot of space and I want to keep them on my PC. (WIN XP pro)

Without buying a new hard drive can i just buy another one? Will it show up as an icon in 'My Computer' and easily exchange files to other areas of my PC?

any help?

  LastChip 15:00 04 Feb 2004

your second paragraph doesn't make too much sense.

If you mean, can I add an additional drive; Yes you can and it will show up in Windows as an additional drive.

  Bubo 15:03 04 Feb 2004

You should not have any trouble installing a second HDD with XP Pro. Simply place the drive in the machine having made sure the jumper is set to "Slave". Then connect the drive to the slave connection of the IDE cable that your original disc is connected to.

XP should find the disc automatically and sort out the formatting etc for you. Just follow the on screen prompts. It will need formatting to NTFS, not FAT32. XP will then allocate a drive letter accordingly. You may find that if you have a DVD and a CD etc it will give the partition the next available letter, ie F:\.

You can then use the drive as normal as it will show as a drive in My Computer, Explorer etc. If you then want to partition the disc further you can do.

Hope this helps.


  Curio 19:37 04 Feb 2004

If you don't want to open up the PC Case, an external Hard Drive will do the same job. Easy to set up in XP. I run two and one is purely for mp3 files

  Marky_Bhoy 20:40 04 Feb 2004

Thanks everyone.

LastChip - I agree. My second paragraph does not make sense. I meant to say "Without replacing my hard drive can i just buy an addtional one?

Bubo - Good advice. After I created this thread I noticed that PC Advisor has an article about adding an addtional drive (issue 100, Dec 2003, p.172).

Did not know that it had to be NTFS - but that's ok because my System is already formated as NTFS.

Curio - thanks mate. But I think I will be brave enough to open the machine up. I prefer to have less external devices.

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