ADDS Mentor M2000 Minicomputer - Made 1986 (!)

  sNoOtY 16:50 05 Feb 2003


Im just wondering if anyone here, has had any experience with the above computer.
I bought it off EBay last year and has been sitting in my bedroom ever since.
It was made in 1986 by ADDS (a divison of NCR) and has a Zilog Z8000 processor, 512K Ram, 60mb Hard Disk and 16 Serial Ports (for terminals) and a large tape drive. It runs the PICK operating system.

I have looked on the internet but not found anything. Just wondering if anyone has ever used one, or EVEN got one hidden in a garage somewhere.


  MalcSP 16:59 05 Feb 2003

Damn it! Yes I have used one and yes I have heard of Pick. The computer is a mini that was used in my organisation to operate financial counter top systems. It was good for its time but very quickly superseded by intelligent terminal systems. Why did you buy it?

  sNoOtY 17:08 05 Feb 2003

Just saw it on ebay for £30 and thought, "Thats nice".

REALLY noisy though, has 2 HUGE fans at the back but its in VGC and has no probs, but I reckon the hard disk is dying cos sometimes you turn it on, and it clunks a bit.
Ive got a Terminal for it (Original) and some books, but I have only played with a bit, and the filing system it uses is just crazy. Its like a Database (??)

Do you know any more about it?

I know a bloke in the US wants it off me, he wants to put it in his online museum at click here

  DieSse 17:30 05 Feb 2003

Takes you back - don't it!!

Give it to the museum, unless you bought it to start your own!!

Yes PICK is like a database/OS in one - it was not particularly common even in it's time.

  sNoOtY 17:41 05 Feb 2003

Thing is its REALLY heavy! and the delivery to the USA would cost a fortune!

And i have never seen such as big hard drive, its like the size of A4 piece of paper!

Has four boards underneath the hard drive, which have LED's on them that flash (pretty).

Do you know what a PATSI test is? It does this at startup (takes 15 mins to start!)

Another thing, does anyone know if maybe theres any software out there that will run on PICk? Its on Release 2.4 (1988) at the moment. Ooooh another thing, its Year 2000 compatible too! It rolls over ok, and does the february leap year thing ok too!


What did you use it for then in them days? What used to run on it?

  MalcSP 21:43 05 Feb 2003

I was in charge of a Building Society IT Department at the time. We merged, ie took over, a smaller BS. NCR had a counter top system that used to, as I remember, display slides of options for counter business onto a screen - more like a flat glass plate with transparencies slidinginto view. You pressed the buttons beside the function as indicated a la cash machines (also designed by NCR). The mini was the server that connected by leased land lines to the main frame computer. Oh Dear! When I think back... I thought it was crap at the time. Then I did design the system used bymost Societies from that time. (only claim to fame).

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