"from" address still readable in Mail washer?

  p;3 09:49 18 May 2005

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I have been pondering this for some time before I start changing my pc settings

thinking about this thread that I had running earlier and bearing in mind that Mail washer ,and presumably other programs ,can read the full header when put in the correct reading mode; not that I have tried it yet, but , if the Mailwasher program reads the full header, then concealing the from address in the sent e mail will ,perhaps, achieve nowt?
is that a reasonable assumption?

and I know there are other threads running with the question of concealing the from field, but, I have been thinking that maybe , with the reading programs , that their expertise actually counteracts the effect of removing the information in the sent mail ;

I have yet to change my settings and run the thing ; but am thinking that the exercise may be pointless, as , in Mailwasher you can read the full header anyway?

  bosmere 10:27 18 May 2005

p;3 why hide your address?

I use Mailwasher to filter my incoming post and if I don't recognise a senders address it goes onto my blacklist. That keeps me free from spam and other nasties etc.

So if you want to e-mail me and hide your identity you will go onto that blacklist ;-)

ps I hope your assumption is correct cos I like to know who's sending me mail.

  octal 10:37 18 May 2005

Normally when you send an email its sent via your default smtp via your server. For instance, I've got several email accounts on my home machine, NTL which is my server, Hotmail, Lycos and Yahoo. If I send an email from any of these accounts its sent out via smtp.ntlworld.com, even though the header says its say from g4lna @lycos.co.uk

At the receiving end if you examine the received message header you'll be able to trace back the message route and indeed see that it was sent from an NTL account. I'm not sure of a way around this, apart from maybe using a proxy server or web mail, but in both cases the email is still traceable back to a source.

The only exception is an IMAP account were its possible to send from the named account, but not every server allows this, NTL seemed to, but the email is still traceable back via the headers.

That’s one reason why you've got to be careful sending an email thinking you've given an email address that doesn't matter if you receive Spam, its the default smtp address they'll pick up on.

Best to use web mail if you're not sure which doesn't use your smtp account. The only trouble is some companies won't allow online purchasing using a web mail account, because they are more anonymous.

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