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  Yimbo 00:58 12 Dec 2006

Having spent a long time writing out by hand addresses for my Christmas Card list (a long one!!) what do you guys suggest as the best way to have the addresses stored on my Windows XP so that I can print off adhesive address labels in a batch or singly as required. What software, printer attachments, etc etc, might I need? I have a Canonscan Lide 80 and a Canon Pixma MP 170. I'd appreciate any help or guidance.

  Jak_1 01:10 12 Dec 2006

If you have MS Word then that can do it for you.

Tool > Letters and Mailing > Labels

Hope this helps.

  Gandalph 02:05 12 Dec 2006

You can also download the free Avery Label add-on from Microsoft for Word and Works Suite. It adds an Avery Icon to the toolbar so you can choose the labels you require.

  Simsy 05:48 12 Dec 2006

is to have all the names/addresses available in some kind of "database"...

If you have MS Word, then this may be an Excel file. If you don't have Excel, but do have "Works" I think you may be able to use the database that comes with that, or use the works spreadsheet, and save as .xls

Then you do a mail merge,
using the wizard.

Post back if you need more help.



  €dstowe 06:48 12 Dec 2006

In my view, having printed address labels on any personal mail is as bad as a printed signature printed dedication and signature on the letter/card inside.

If you feel the need to do this, think about whether you have enough feelings and interest about the recipient to be sending a card at all.

I slashed my Christmas card list some years ago by cutting out all the people with whom my only contact ever was the sending of a Christmas card.

Think about this - you could save some money.

  Curio 19:28 12 Dec 2006

Don't take €dstowe's comments too literally. I use a labeller for the addressing of letter and card envelopes as I have a problem writing. Cards and letters are personalised. Am also a great fan of Dragon NS speech recognition because of this problem of mine.

  Yimbo 23:50 14 Dec 2006

Thanks to you all!

  terryf 23:55 14 Dec 2006

The only problem with the Mail Merge solution suggested is the learning curve, this is best started in January :-) but if you have Word and type print labels in the help search box it does take you through the process, I looked at it for a friend and decided it was never going to be an option for me.

  Shas 00:29 15 Dec 2006

Yimbo, if you have Word, it really is quite easy to do using Tools > Letters & Mailings > labels.

When you have the envelopes & labels box up, go to 'Options' to select the label size you wish to use, then click on 'new document'. This will open up a blank template with the cursor in the right starting place. Type your first address, hit the tab key and carry on until you have as many as you need. Save it as whatever and it's there for you to use or amend as and when.

A much easier way to do it - you don't need to worry about a data base.

  laurie53 09:25 15 Dec 2006

"The only problem with the Mail Merge solution suggested is the learning curve, this is best started in January"

You didn't say which January!

I've been using a computer since the ZX 81, and Tasword, and I've still not managed to produce a decently printed label or envelope!


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