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  Dozy 11:25 04 Dec 2004

Here I am again a total dimwit but you folks seem to have answers to every thing. When I had Windows 98se I used to go in Works chose labels and insert addresses from my address book it was so easy. At this time of year with what seems millions of Christmas cards to send it made things easier. Now in Windows XP when I go to labels I am sent to Picture it to design a label. That I don't mind, but my question is how do I get different addresses on a sheet of labels? I have created a data base of addresses in Works but don't understand how to transfer them on to a sheet of labels,please can someone help. Dozy

  jack 12:23 04 Dec 2004

That sheet of lables is it Avery or Avery based?
Take a search I am certain that free software is around to accommodate lables -start with
www. ....... see what happens

  Gongoozler 12:31 04 Dec 2004

Do you have a word processor on your computer?

  pj123 12:44 04 Dec 2004

I take it you still have Works installed?

Open the Works Word Processor and select Tools, Labels. Follow the wizard.

  merc. 12:58 04 Dec 2004

If you go to the Avery site and download there free progame " design pro " for labels great little programe.


  Graham ® 13:55 04 Dec 2004

I prefer to print on the envelope itself using Lucinda Handwriting, in the colour of your choice. Pink or blue looks good.

  Dozy 19:41 04 Dec 2004

A million thanks to you all. Graham I used to print directly on to the envelopes but quite a few got chewed up by my printer!!! Hence going for the label method. I also love the Lucinda handwriting it's so natural. Merc and Jack I am going to look at the Avery site,sounds interesting. Gongoozler yes I do have a word processor on my computer. pj123 I still have Works but it is now combined with Word and when I go into Labels it takes you to Picture it and if I try Letters it takes you to Word. The Works programme is Works Suite 2004 I much prefferred the version I had with Windows 98se it was less complicated to use and I liked it better than Word. Anyway a million thanks will try to resolve problem following advice. Dozy

  Gongoozler 20:33 04 Dec 2004

Hi Dozy. If you have Word, can you not generate your labels via Tools - Letters and Mailings - Mail Merge. Different versions of Word have different ways of accessing this function, but it's always there somewhere. I used this method to generate my Christmas card labels - about 100 of them - on Avery J8160 labels.

  Buchan 35 20:39 04 Dec 2004

I`ve followed this thread with interest, thanks to DOZY I`ve got an answer. Cheers mate

  woodchip 20:45 04 Dec 2004

It depends if your Word Processor will support merge of addresses and Labels. It's used for mass mailing like doing what is called in business a Mail Shot

  MIke 20:55 04 Dec 2004

I too preferred The Old version of works (v4) .
I now use the program mentioned previously, Avery Design Pro. which is a nice little labelling program, and uses a form of mail merge from your works database.
You will however need to save your works database with the dbf extension (dbaseIII) rather than the native wdb extension.

Much easier than fiddling around with Word's over complicated way of doing things.

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