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  Drpeter 09:58 25 Sep 2009

My Outlook Express XP (Pro) address book is composed of several folders, but when I import, or copy it to my XP(home) notebook, it dumps everyone into the main contacts. Is there a way of copying the address book with folders preserved?

  Stuartli 10:35 25 Sep 2009
  Drpeter 11:11 25 Sep 2009

Thanks Stuartli. However, this link covers the back-up process and does not really answer my problem.

  Stuartli 12:54 25 Sep 2009

It does, because you can export it to a designated folder and/or have a backup..:-)

  Drpeter 14:42 25 Sep 2009

Thanks again Stuartli.
Following the link instructions - the result is exactly the same as when I import, or simply copy the .wab file - all contacts are bundled together in the "Main Identity's Contacts", whereas the original has subfolders storing "old" and "Travel" contacts. I can, of course spend some hours manually moving contacts to such new subfolders, but would prefer not to have to waste such time!!

  Barnacarry 15:10 25 Sep 2009

To create a copy of your Outlook Express address book for backup or migration purposes:

* Select Tools / Address Book... from the menu in Outlook Express.
* Choose Help / About Address Book from the address book's menu.
* Highlight the path in the File: box, not including the file name.

If the complete string under File: is "C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\user_name.wab", for example, highlight "C:\and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\".
If your "About Address Book" does not show a File: box, select Run... from the Start menu.
Type "regedit".
Click OK.
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\­Software\­Microsoft\­WAB\­WAB4\­Wab File Name.
Highlight the path of the Default key as above.
* Press Ctrl-C.
* Click OK.
* Select Run... from the Start menu.
* Press Ctrl-V.
* Click OK.
* Click on your address book file — the file name in the File: box above; it typically carries your user name — with the right mouse button.
* Select Copy from the context menu.
* Open the folder where you want to put the backup copy in Windows Explorer.
* Select Edit / Paste from the menu.

Recover from the Backup Copy of your Outlook Express Address Book

Hopefully, you will never need the backup copy of your Outlook Express address book, but here's how to restore your Outlook Express address book from the backup.

Note: exporting the Outlook Express address book using the method described above only works if you do not share your Outlook Express contacts with Outlook. You can back up a shared address book together with other Outlook data.

Fortunately, you have a backup copy of your important Outlook Express address book data. Now you can easily restore your contacts from that file in Outlook Express.

To restore or import Outlook Express contacts from a backup copy:

* Select Tools / Address Book... from the menu in Outlook Express.
* Now select File / Import / Address Book (WAB)... from the address book menu.
* Select the backup copy of your Outlook Express address book.
* Click Open.
* Now click OK.

  Drpeter 17:20 25 Sep 2009

Thank you Baranacarry. The method you advise is exactly that which I have been using all along - which produces the bundles results. I have also simply copied the .wap to a memory stick and imported that on the notebook - with the same result. All the contacts are always there, but the subfolders are NOT. It seems to be the only file I have come across which does not really COPY, just includes all the correct contents, but is not really a copy of the file.

  Stuartli 17:29 25 Sep 2009

Have you tried setting up the basic contacts list where you need it, creating new sub-folders and then copying the original sub-folders (highlight first>Hold Shift>highlight last) before pasting each of them into the sub-folder(s) you've recreated in the new location?

  Drpeter 15:12 26 Sep 2009

In Outlook Express General Newsgroup Bruce Hagan wrote:-

Create a "standalone" WAB file:
click here

Then open your default address book to the group desired and select all
member of the group and copy them to the clipboard (Ctrl+A selects all,
Ctrl+C copies them to the clipboard). Then open your "standalone" WAB file
and paste the contacts into that file (you will have to hit the Enter key to
OK each entry but it beats typing) and then either copy that wab file to a
floppy disc or export it as CSV file. Otherwise, folders and groups neither
import, nor export.

Using his advice, I used a slight variation. I found that double clicking on any copy (such as on a memory stick) of the personal.wab file shows it to be a true copy of the original – with sub-folders shown – the dumping only happens when the file is imported. Therefore, after opening the new address book in OE, I deleted all entries, made the required sub-folders and then bulk-copied from the personal.wab to each of the folders and sub-folders exactly as he suggested.
Many thanks for everyone's help!

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