Address book exporting

  penistone 10:39 09 Feb 2003

I want to export address book to a floppy ready for a new PC but when I try, the .wab file exports but is empty. I am using W95 and Outlook Express 5. Am I missing something obvious.

  orion39 10:55 09 Feb 2003

The file shows as empty, you open address book and click on import, point it to the wab file and say ok.

  Andsome 11:05 09 Feb 2003

Open address book. Click contol and 'A' simultaneously to highlight all, then edit/copy. Open a folder in the floppy, then paste

  Andsome 11:52 09 Feb 2003

PS. The above worked on my old machine, but with my daughters machine I had to highlight in a different way. Open Address book to full page to make it easier. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Press left mouse button at extreme bottom right of page, drag accross to the left of the page, then vertically upwards, this highlights everything. Edit/select all, edit/copy. Then paste into the floppy. The only snag that I found on both machines was that when downloading to the new machine, I had to click each one individually to put it into the new address book, maybe there is a quicker way.

  penistone 15:08 09 Feb 2003

So far so good, will hope all works when the new PC arrives.

  DieSse 15:26 09 Feb 2003

You don't need to export the wab file - you can simply copy it to a floppy.

Then on your new system you import it from the floppy.

I do it this way all the time, and it works just fine.

  anchor 15:28 09 Feb 2003

It is quite a time since I used Outlook express 5, but this is the way I have recently done in in OE-6.

Open OE, then click "file", the choose "export", choose, "address book". The follow the process, naming the csv file, and save. Reverse the process, when you want to import the file on the new PC. This file should be small enough to go on a floppy.

Hope this works for you, as it did for me.

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