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  Foxy Loxy 07:22 03 Aug 2005

I like to have a paper address book with my contacts' name, address, phone number, mobile(s), e-mail, fax etc. + some space to write individual notes, not covered by these fields, e.g. personal, home, number; name of spouse, children etc.

But it isn't long before there are more crossings out than entries and, after considering A-Z index and loose leaf possibilities, I usually finish up laboriously transcribing into a new book.

Now, I wonder if there is any efficient way of storing this information in my electronic address book, or any other way on the computer and printing it out on a convenient standard size - A5, or A6 - so that it could be put in a ring binder with a single entry on each page that could be changed when the details change.

I hope I have explained this well enough for someone to suggest a good method, for which I would be most grateful. Thanks.

  octal 08:00 03 Aug 2005

Do you remember the Filofax from the 1980's? Well the are still around, they maket software to hold address which can be printed onto ringbinders.

click here

  Foxy Loxy 09:38 03 Aug 2005

Thanks for that advice, Octal, I'll look at the options and see if there is anything that suits my purpose.

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