Address bar flickering

  Bald Eagle 08:24 13 Mar 2003

I am running Win 98 on a Pentium II 266 MHz machine. I have Ad Aware, AVG and ZoneAlarm (not latest version) running. On the internet (IE6) the address bar flickers very quickly, opening down probably 2" and closing too quickly to read any info in it (not that I want the info I am just trying to suggest the flickering speed).The rest of the page is normal. This does not happen when I am using the bar but when the computer is accessing a new site. It happened again this a.m. when trying to download critical updates from MS. When it does this the computer can't access the site I am trying for. Any suggestions?

  Bald Eagle 16:53 13 Mar 2003


  Bald Eagle 15:49 17 Mar 2003

Found out that if I press Ctrl it stops flickering and all is ok.

  MAJ 16:23 17 Mar 2003

Sounds like you might have a popup stopper running, Bald Eagle?

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