Address Bar Cookies Problem

  Usually Clueless 23:11 05 Nov 2007

My IE has aquired 2 stored cookies that don't get removed when I delete all Temp files and Cookies from Tools >> Options menu.
When I type a simliar address into the IE address window they appear underneath as you would expect but they are still there after all the others have been deleted.
I assume they have been stored in some other folder or registry not affected by usual clear-out method.
Any ideas..

  brundle 23:29 05 Nov 2007

Those aren't cookies, they're URL's. Are they in your Trusted Zone? Have you tried clicking Delete History in the Tools/Options/Browsing History box?
Have you tried CCleaner, with all IE windows closed?
click here

  Usually Clueless 21:29 08 Nov 2007

Yes I've tried using ALL the options within the Tools >> Internet Options Menu.
Delete Cookies
Delete Temp Files including..
Delete All Offline content
And also Clear History

I'll Try the Cr*p Cleaner Download
and let you know how I get on.

  Usually Clueless 21:55 08 Nov 2007

Downloaded and ran Cr*p Cleaner
It deleted some stuff but the Recently typed URLs are still there !
I have Norton Firewall and Antispyware but I'm wondering...
Could the site have installed a hidden folder with the registry entries ??
Is there a way of checking any path that the address bar is accessing ??
I'm not sure how long they've been there otherwise I would do a search to see if I could find a folder created on that date.
I've already tried searching for files containing the URL address but drew a blank.
What type of files should I be looking for ??
Any other ideas anyone ??

  Usually Clueless 20:16 10 Nov 2007

Yes, I downloaded CCleaner,
Then closed all applications and ran Cleaner
with all options ticked.
But after it deleted several Megabites
I still have the 2 URL / Cookies.
How about running some adware or malware
removal programme ??
They don't seem to be malicious but they
have clearly been set up in a sneaky way
to avoid the usual deletion options.
Anyone have any other ideas about clearing registries or hidden folders related to IE address URLs ??

  VoG II 20:25 10 Nov 2007

Try CleanUp! click here

  Usually Clueless 10:04 11 Nov 2007

Is CleanUp any different to CCleaner ??
Does it empty anything CCleaner doesn't ?
I think the issue is related to the location of these URLs as all the usual registries have been cleared.
I'll give it a try but I'm hoping someone will have some insight about covert installation of address cookies or whatever they are...
Still asking for ideas...

  brundle 12:18 11 Nov 2007

MRUBlaster; click here

  Usually Clueless 04:12 13 Nov 2007

Thanks brundle !!
MRU Blaster appears to have done the job !!
I ran the programme then rebooted and hey presto No URLs !!!
Anyone else having similar issues...
I would recommend MRU Blaster !!

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