Addresing A4 envelopes

  Rennio 14:30 19 Jan 2008

I wish to purchase an all-in-one wireless printer with a document feeder that will accept 22.8 cm wide A4 envelopes. All that I can find have amaximum width capacity of 21 cm i.e A4 paper width but how do I address my A4 envelopes without doing a sticky label. Price is not a problem. I'll go for an expensive one if necessary but it has to be an inkjet.

  mfletch 14:36 19 Jan 2008

More info needed,

What are you using to create the address,




  jack 14:40 19 Jan 2008

This has more to do with the software you use.
The printer will accept the envelopes OK
usually in the vertical mode on the right side of the printer
[whether top feed - normal or HP bottom feed-in this case the envelope will feed in the bottom try UPSIDE DOWN.
If for example you use one of the many forms of MS Word you will find under Letter sand faxes That is File/New/letters and faxes] the Envelope Wizard will deploy. Click it and follow the prompts
It as bit of learning curve -you may spoil one or two.
To save time and to get it right instead of typing the address in the field you could copy and paste from the main missive.

  Belatucadrus 15:07 19 Jan 2008

If by A4 envelopes you mean the full sized C4 ones with the capacity to take an unfolded sheet of A4, then I think you're searching for a unicorn. As you've already found, most A4 printers don't stretch wide enough and if you go for a large format/A3 printer, I don't think there's one with all in one & wireless.
click here
What there is will probably be listed in manufacturers websights under business printers.

  mfletch 15:20 19 Jan 2008


I see what you mean my A4 printer? will not accept a A4 envelope,

Mind you I do own a pen,


  Smiler 15:23 19 Jan 2008

You could buy an A3 printer and use a wireless external print server click here

  Technotiger 15:24 19 Jan 2008

I print my envelopes in Portrait mode rather than Landscape - do a print-out first on a normal sheet of paper to find your correct orientation for placing the envelope into your printers feed tray.

  DieSse 15:39 19 Jan 2008

"I see what you mean my A4 printer? will not accept a A4 envelope,"

Just so that there's no doubt - it's not an A4 envelope. It's a C4 envelope, which is necessarily bigger than an A4 sheet of paper.

Alternatives are to use smaller standard business envelopes, and fold the contents

Find some windowed envelopes, so you don't even have to print them eg click here

Print labels

or Write the envelopes.

Or perhaps find an A3 printer (for an arm and a leg I expect).

  Rennio 16:08 19 Jan 2008

Sorry, I did not know that an A4 envelope designed to contain unfolded A4 papers sheets was called a C4 envelope and that is the kind I use frequently and was enquiring about. I used to have a Canon bubble jet that would accept C4s. Belatucadrus is spot on, I am looking for a unicorn and only Harry Potter could help me there. Thanks anyway for all your comments and help. I have just joined PC Advisor and I am much impressed. But C4 envelopes are common so why do home printers not accomodate them. Forget the pen, it's back to sticky labels.
Thanks everyone

  Pamy 16:16 19 Jan 2008

As as already been said, Why not print them virtically? Does the envelope not fit that way?

Some sofware or a little experimenting will print then as you wish, ie, turn the printing

  lotvic 18:53 19 Jan 2008

Rennio can't print them vertically, because the envelopes are C4 and will not physically fit in the printer
C4 is 324mm x 229mm click here

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