Add/Remove Programmes slow to open

  User-312386 23:25 23 Sep 2006

Hi all

This problem is not bugging just an inconvienence

My add/remove programmes takes about 20 seconds to load and this has been annoying me for ages.

I have windows XPpro, AMD643000(Socket939) 2GB corsair ram, BFG 7900GT Graphics card and a raptor 10,000 74GB HDD

All in all i have 49 programmes installed, in total i have 121 including windows updates

Like i say its not the end of the world but i would like to get it sorted

Incedantally it does this even after a clean install.

Any Ideas?

  De Marcus™ 23:31 23 Sep 2006

That's windows for you, if it helps it's no different on my machine either, and hasn't been on any other machine i've had xp on.

  User-312386 23:34 23 Sep 2006

I have been round friends houses and even the ones i have self build for friends and there add/remove opens in seconds

I am so happy that someone elses opens slowly (Not being nasty :-) )

  Enoch 06:06 24 Sep 2006


I have just had the problem you described. I also have Norton systemworks installed. I had a problem with Norton GoBack and, after advice from Norton, I uninstalled then reinstalled Systemworks and immediately after my add/remove went into top gear.

I then took the time to uninstall all programmes that I had downloaded over the past year and that I had hardly used and now my PC is lighting fast including add/remove

  Taff™ 08:04 24 Sep 2006

It all depends on how many programs you have installed. With 120 programs listed (Excluding Updates)mine takes 10 seconds and I`ve got half the memory you have.

  FatboySlim71 09:10 24 Sep 2006

Mine opens up within seconds, but this will depend on how many programs you have installed as the more there is, the longer it will take as there is more to open. It will also depend on the specs of your pc as well, as I have said mine opens in seconds but my pcs specs are,

Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 950 Dual Core Processor (3.40GHz, 800MHz, 2x2MB cache) 2GB ram

  johnnyrocker 09:55 24 Sep 2006

18 seconds here but not fussed hey ho


  User-312386 20:55 24 Sep 2006

It makes me feel a little better that people have the same problem

I'll tick this as resoled unless anyone has a definitive answer to this.

Thanks all to your responses

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