Additional virus alert

  sattman 14:05 19 Mar 2004

This is a heads up message

I have like most recieved my share of the recent netsky virus email attachments, Norton has succesfully alerted and quarantined.

Last night I got a email from a unknown source that had all the appearances of yet another but this time Norton did not detect it.

The name on the attachment was

"Norton Antivirus Deleted1.txt"

Suffice to say that I deleted both email and attachment.

  ventanas 14:57 19 Mar 2004

I think this is a message from Norton saying that it has detected and deleted the virus from the mail before it got to your inbox.

  sattman 22:29 19 Mar 2004

Please enlighten me are you saying that Norton would pick this up on the server of my ISP?

Surely if Norton detected a virus it would not send the file on to me as a attachment.

  bluebird 22:33 19 Mar 2004

they should string these bas****s up. Why do these people create such things. What plesure do they get?

  ventanas 21:30 20 Mar 2004

Sorry for the time lag.

We get these all the time at work. The mail is infected with Netsky. We "believe" that Norton strips it out on our mail server and then sends this message explaining what it has done.

But just like you we do not take the chance. We have not bothered to read one. However I can verify that the infected is removed.

bluebird, I heartily agree and will gladly supply the rope.

  VoG II 21:40 20 Mar 2004

Had an e-mail from Blueyonder (my ISP ) today. Netsky removed from an e-mail. Good for them. If I'd been silly enough to have received the original and opened the attachment then my McAfee would have caught it but IMO this is excellent service.

  sattman 16:43 22 Mar 2004

Thanks all for your replies

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