Additional Temperature Monitoring - PCI device ?

  cosi 16:22 23 Feb 2004

I want to play about with alternative cooling solutions. Before I start I'd like to get a baseline for what I have got now. I already have available CPU temp.; mobo temp* & hard drive temp.

I thought it would be nice to set up a few more temps. Obviously I could get a hand held device or one of these LED display thingies which fit into a case. But it would be really neat if I could get all temps measured through the PC hardware.Then I could use something like Motherboard Monitor to display them all together.

So my question is: does anyone know of any PCI boards that carry a set of temp. probes, or something like this ? I have found solutions which require one to build a device from scratch, but I don't think my electronic skills are up to it. A ready made solution would be nice.

*PS: by the way, anyone know where the mobo temperature sensor on an ASUS P4T533 is physically located ?

PPS: again on the P4T533: I have an Enermax PSU. It's got what seems to be a 3-pin temp.&/or fan speed lead. The mobo has a 2-pin PSU temp. sensor connector. Can I somehow connect these two together ? Or use them some way ?

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