jezzabevan 23:45 08 Oct 2004

As my existing 20GB HD is pretty near full I want to fit an additional HDD, but .... can i? There is an available space but the existing hard drive is the master on a cable the slave of which is my old Zip 100 drive. Other cables are one for a floppy drive and one for a cd/dvd and a CDRW drive. Does this mean that an addtional internal HDD means dispensing with the Zip drive? I could get an external USB 2.0 drive but understand that internals are cheaper??

  User-312386 00:09 09 Oct 2004

get rid of that zip and stick another drive in

I would get a good 80gb drive and have the 20gb as the slave

  Smegs 00:11 09 Oct 2004

Can you tell us what your pc is please?? What chip is? Ram?

It all depends on how old your pc is, to how large the h/drive you want to goto.

I think you will need to take the zip drive out.

  ami 00:16 09 Oct 2004

If you want to keep the arrangement you have at present why not buy a new HD, say 80Gb, set it as a slave and temporarily swap it for your Zip drive, clone the original HD to the new one,see click here for details, then remove the old drive, re-set the new as master and re-fit the Zip drive.

  jezzabevan 09:30 09 Oct 2004

Thanks all for feedback so far.
PC is a P4 1.8Ghz with 512RAM, running windows XP.
Presumably making a new drive the Master and the existing drive the slave would be because the new drive would be faster, existing HDD is a Quantum Fireball 20.5GB UDMA 100 -? I have partitioned existing HDD with windows on drive c, programs drive d, docs on drive e. If I make the new HDD master would I have to clone the whole drive contents to the new one, or just the windows partition? I do have a copy of Norton Ghost somewhere.
Being doing a bit of gentle research - is the Seagate Barracuda any good, seems like a good buy, £38.99 from Ebuyer?

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