Additional Email address - Unknown

  chocolatejo987 00:45 09 Apr 2005
  DieSse 00:57 09 Apr 2005

You'll be on the cc list somewhere, as part of a list of many variations of made up names.

  chocolatejo987 01:04 09 Apr 2005

But i don't understand why I am recieving mail addressed to an email address that it isn't mine??

  Gandalph 01:26 09 Apr 2005

Join the club. I get emails addressed to people that don't even resemble my name at all. Just delete them. The spammer's wont give up, you will receive a lot more yet.

  DieSse 01:30 09 Apr 2005

Becuase you're on the list to receive a copy - even though you're not the actual addressee. You're probably on a "blind copy" list - ie you get a copy without actually being shown the list.

  chocolatejo987 11:10 09 Apr 2005

Ahhh.....I get it now. Thanks a lot, it was bugging me!

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