Additional cable broadband point

  Midsman2005 12:51 09 Mar 2008

Dear Forum,

I currently get broadband through a cable modem into an upstairs office (thats where the cable come into the house and the main 'box' is on the wall in this office).

I would like another broadband point downstairs (using the same connection). A wireless connection is not appropriate unfortunately.

I am more than happy to run a cable around the outside of the house and back into the house.

Does anybody know what is the best way to 'split' the connection without losing any performance or causing any other problems?

Thanks :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:16 09 Mar 2008

Your cable company will do that for you (at a price), splitting fibre optic connections is not an easy job.

  Midsman2005 13:20 09 Mar 2008

Thanks for that.

I was sort of hoping there was a peice of hardware I could use that would split the connection after the modem. If thats makes sense??


  ambra4 13:45 09 Mar 2008

There is no need to move the modem or cable from it present location

You need to buy an Ethernet 5 port switch

Connect an Ethernet cable from the modem to the switch and connect both computers

using Ethernet cable to the switch

D-Link 5 Port 10/100 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

click here

  setecio 14:17 09 Mar 2008

Yes, as mentioned above you need to buy a router (NOT the adsl version, just a router). The router allows the single connection to your cable company to connect with multiple computers. If you run cat5e outside the house and back in to where you want the additional point, this will work. Total budget under £100. Ordinary cat5e will work, but there is exterior grade if you want to be sure.

  DieSse 14:33 09 Mar 2008

"You won't be able to share the connection if you use a switch.. You would require a router."

That all depends on the modem (and the ISP possibly). We recently had a topic arguing this back and forth - and in the end the enquirer put in a switch and claimed it worked.

So I would try a switch with an understanding it can be changed for a router if needed.

I use a switch - but then I know my connection box is a DHCP server and can allocate multiple connections.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:56 09 Mar 2008

Total budget under £100.

Mate just had Virgin (NTL) fit another connection for him £49.99

  ambra4 16:47 09 Mar 2008


It will work the switch controls the access to the cable modem gateway

A switch connected to the Ethernet port on the modem will allow access to the your ISP

from multi computers all you are doing is sharing the link

Before routers was available large companies was using hubs and switches for their local networking and access to the Internet

An Ethernet switch automatically divides the network into multiple segments,

acts as a high-speed, selective bridge between the segments, and supports simultaneous

connections of multiple computers which don't compete with other computers

A company that I support have 1 - ADSL modem connected to a 36-port Dell switch for

their local network and Internet access, 24 computers can access the Internet and share

files and access 2 printers across their local network without any problems

Percy Vere
Sun, 17/02/[email protected]:41

I used to run a cable connection from the Internet.

I put the input into a 4-port switch and fed the signal out.

I ran 4 machines off the Internet on this.

No router needed, I just fed the Ip address and subnet mask to each machine and away

they went.


Sun, 17/02/[email protected]:59

Well all I know about my modem is that its cable and the ISP is virgin media

Wed, 20/02/[email protected]:04

I started it up and it worked :D

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  setecio 17:15 09 Mar 2008

>>>>Fruit Bat /\0/\
Sun, 09/03/[email protected]:56

Total budget under £100.

Mate just had Virgin (NTL) fit another connection for him £49.99 <<<<

How does that work? Surely they also need to issue a second IP for the second computer? Is there not an extra monthly cost for this ?

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