Adding wireless network

  Tualatin 21:45 07 Jun 2005

I current;y have my two desktop pcs networked by wire. The 'main' pc is the one connected to the internet. Would I be able to install a wireless network card in my 'main' pc, so as that I my laptop could access the internet/ network?

I'm just not sure if my main pc can have a wireless network card and a wired network card both installed and in use at the same time.

  VoG II 21:55 07 Jun 2005


Just done pretty much the same thing. My little network consists of blueyonder broadband modem, Belkin wireless router, main PC wired to router, laptop wireless conection. Have just added "new" works laptop (not yet wireless enabled) via wired connection from laptop to router. It works fine.

Mrs VoG is not happy (is she ever) - wire crossing my office (aka our dining room).

  Night Ryder 21:59 07 Jun 2005

It's all down to the kind of network hub you choose. I have a "2Wire" hub attached to the main PC via USB. The other three PC / Laptops in the house have wirless card installed and all works very well. The install software that comes with the hub and the cards allows you to choose during installation whether you connect via wireless, usb or wired. For the wireless all you need to know is the encription code of the hub to access.

  Tualatin 22:09 07 Jun 2005

I don't have a router though, and don't plan to buy one either. Thought I could just do it all through the main pc

  Night Ryder 22:24 07 Jun 2005

In that case, if you have network cards in all your machines, you will have to set up a local network. This can be quite involved depending on the Op systems you are running.

  Tualatin 20:42 11 Jun 2005

Well i already have a home network, with the two desktops, with a crossover wire. The main pc has XP home, the older 2ghz pc has xp pro, as does the laptop.

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