Adding a wireless laptop to a network

  User-AE70F102-3304-4D7C-9EDF8694AD5C2010 11:06 09 Jan 2007

I have an existing network set up as follows. Linksys BEFW 11S4 wireless router connected to the internet via an NTL set top box. Two XP home desktops are connected to the router via ethernet cables and the network is an infrastructure one. When I bought the laptop I enabled the wireless on the router and set the WEP encryption. The laptop detected the network and connected to the network. I bought a wireless adaptor for one of the PCs and bridged it to the ethernet side and managed to get the network working. Since then, i have had all sorts of problems to do with Windows system conflicting IP addresses and loss of broadband. I think the lap top is only capable of ad hoc connection is this the problem?

  scotty 13:05 09 Jan 2007

XP has an efficient wizard for setting up a wireless network. Having set up one computer you then transfer the setting to other computers using a USB flash drive or a floppy disc (remember those?) Try this route, it will probably cure your problems.

If you still have problems, try setting fixed IP addresses on each of the computers. This should overcome the conflicting IP address problem.

Thanks for the response scotty. I have tried that and still get the problem. I think the basis of the problem is the wireless network card in the laptop. When I look in advanced settings, I can find no option to connect to an infrastructure network. The only option is an ad hoc one. This is only good for communicating with one other PC. Is this a feature of centrino technology? When I set up the other lynksys wireless adaptor for the bridge, you get the option of ad hoc or infrastucture. In my simple mind, I think the laptop regards the router as the other PC and when other PCs try to use the network there are conflicts as the router allocates the IP addresses.

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