Adding a WinNT hard disk to a WinXP system

  sneakerman 14:10 12 May 2005

I have obtained the hard disk from my old work PC which was Win NT and I have tried to add it to my Win XP system at home, the IDE cable is clearly marked with Master/Slave plugs and I have tried the 2 disks as Master/Slave and also both a C/S but the only disk seen is the NT one.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong????


  AndySD 14:44 12 May 2005

The jumpers must be set on the hard drives either to Cable Select(CS) or set then to Masrer and the other to slave.

  Completealias 14:56 12 May 2005

Set your xp disk to master and the NT disk to slave?

What happens in this config?

  Eric10 14:58 12 May 2005

I always use Cable Select (CS) for both drives if using an 80way ribbon cable with the black plug being Master and grey being Slave, otherwise with a 40way cable I use Master and Slave. Also some drives have a different setting for Master with Slave Present. Have you checked in the BIOS to make sure that Primary Slave is set to AUTO and not to Not Installed?

  sneakerman 15:06 12 May 2005

I have tried the 2 disks with the jumpers set to Master/Slave (both combinations)and also both with jumpers as C/S but the only disk seen is the NT one.

I have even swapped the NT disk onto the other IDE channel but didn't work either.

I haven't made any bios changes, I'll try that later, thanks

After I tried the NT disk on the other IDE channel I must have not put the optical drives back together correctly and the whole system wouldn't boot at all, I was going to go intio the bios but couldn't and getting the system to boot was more of a priority, then I ran out of time.


  AndySD 15:42 12 May 2005

Atach the second drive as the master then boot into Windows, right click on My Computer and choose Manage then choose Disk Manager. Can you see the disk there.

  sneakerman 16:08 12 May 2005

I don't see a 'Manage' option when I right click on My Computer in Win NT?

  AndySD 16:39 12 May 2005

Ok try something you have the XP cd?

  DieSse 16:52 12 May 2005

When you talk about disks being "seen" - do you mean by the BIOS or in Windows?

  sneakerman 16:55 12 May 2005

I am talking about windows, there are files on the 'old' hard disk that I want to write to CD/DVD for archiving

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:55 12 May 2005

XP disc master

NT disc slave

Boot to Bios and auto detect drives save (F10) and exit.

reboot see if Xp boots ok.

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