Adding text to a picture

  Graham. 09:50 16 Dec 2009

One way is to use Paint.NET click here (from Technotiger). You may need 7-Zip click here (from Technotiger) to open it.

Adding text to a picture in a document, see this thread click here

A disadvantage of the latter is that you can't save the result as a jpg. unless you use Snipping Tool or a print screen utility.

  Technotiger 10:20 16 Dec 2009


I hope you are now able to add your text, it really is quite easy - Hint: after adding the text, get colour from the colour box at bottom left in, just click on any colour.

Text Size, Font etc uses the same icons as in most text programs.

  Graham. 11:54 16 Dec 2009

Aha! You have to get Colors out of Window. Can you change the colour of text you've already typed?

  Technotiger 14:09 16 Dec 2009

Yes, just click on a different colour - But I did not know either, until I tried it!!

  Graham. 15:33 16 Dec 2009

Alfie says thanks very much click here

  peter99co 16:08 16 Dec 2009

I use Paint to add text and the copyright symbol ©
to my Photographs. If I resize I always save as a JPEG

  Technotiger 16:32 16 Dec 2009

Alfie looks Grreat -

Don't forget to Green-tick as Resolved - have fun! TT

  Graham. 17:15 17 Dec 2009

Thanks, I'm having a go with PagePlus. I was happy with PictureIt!, it was so easy to use. I only really need to add text and sometimes clone painting.

  Graham. 20:25 17 Dec 2009

After careful testing, Paint is the easiest for me - click here

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