Adding a switch to my home network?

  AlexBoyse 16:56 25 Apr 2014

To set the scene for you guys, I am trying to reduce lag over xbox live. I have talked to professional gamers and people who think they're professional gamers, and they all seem to say that its all about ping on the network and that download/upload speeds are not as important.

So lets get right to it. I'm new to networking (second semester of eight in college going for computer science and i have only just finished networking 1) so I don't know everything about it. Just correct me if i am missing something or if i am way off with this, but from what i know, a typical network consists of incoming bandwidth going to a modem then to a small home router(by "small" router i mean compared to a rack-mounted business size router). The router and modem each have ports for wired connections and wireless signal at the same time. If there are two devices on the network, the bandwidth is split up evenly between both devices, and each one gets half.

For example, since i have 30mbps download and 5mbps upload, each one would have roughly 15 and 2.5. The more devices, the more it gets split up and the less each device gets.

Ping (from a speed test, not from the cmd prompt packet internet grouper) is the amount of data-packet collisions within your LAN, so the less ping there is, the better off you will be from a lag and gaming standpoint.

From what I think, a router is like a hub, and has only one collision domain for the whole network, so when I have a lot of devices on the network, there is a large potential for collisions, but a switch has a separate collision domain for each port.

So if i add a switch to the network, i would have one cat cable going from the modem to the switch, then a cat cable going from the switch to my xbox, and another going from the switch to the router where all the other stuff (wifi for the phones and tablets, my computer...things like that) would be connected.

My thoughts on this setup are that my xbox would have its own collision domain, thus reducing the ping and making my connection better because it would be the only thing in that division, It would have low ping and i would have half the bandwidth going to my xbox alone, where the other half would be going to the router that is providing internet connection to all the other stuff. Let me know what you guys think about this. If I have some stuff right, or if im crazy for thinking this would work, or something else i might have missed that would help to resolve my questions.

  AlexBoyse 17:08 25 Apr 2014

In case you guys didn't notice, its my first time posting to this site so if i did something wrong or messed something up, just let me know.

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