Adding sound to images .

  magnus35 15:40 23 Sep 2006

Does anyone know of a simple tutorial which will show me how to add music or sound effects to still and animated images ? I haven't a clue . Any help would be very much appreciated .

  silverous 17:36 23 Sep 2006

You can't add sound to images in that sense, an image file is an image file and a sound file is a sound file. If you want to combine the two you need another format.

Do you have Microsoft Powerpoint (presentation package)? You can arrange images in that and play sounds as well.

Have you tried Picasa? It is a great free program from Google for arranging and editing your photos. It has a slideshow feature which I understand can also be used to add music.

  jack 17:45 23 Sep 2006

As silverous said

An image is a single file
Whereas music is a...'moving file' if you understand me .That is a collection of sounds to make a tune.
You therefore need a slide show making program, that takes a sequence of images and allows music to be added to them
Equally such a program will take a single image- allow you to predetermine the time it is on screen and run a music file to match.

I quite regularly do this for my self and for others.
What is happening the program takes an image[s] and makes a 'movie.'

Take a look at DVDPixPlay fron click here

  magnus35 18:52 23 Sep 2006

Thanks for the responses .
I don't know what should be done with the link provided by Jack . I can't see DVDPixPlay , or a link to it .

One of the reasons I asked the question is that I have a programme called It's Me in which cartoon type images , with animation , can be created with a human's face , edited from a photo , and music can be added from the selection provided or from your own files . So , there obviously must be a way if you know how . I have tried changing file formats and dragging and dropping but got nowhere .

  ade.h 19:08 23 Sep 2006

I suspect that, on checking the suffix of the files created with your software, you will see that it is either a proprietary file format or a movie clip.

  wee eddie 20:06 23 Sep 2006

Try reading the Help Files

  magnus35 21:10 23 Sep 2006

Thanks to all .

The programme I referred to allows the clips created to be saved in various formats . AVI must be used if sound is to be heard in replay and the file is described as a video clip , which opens in Windows Media Player - they only last 8 seconds . The photo editing suite I use doesn't list the option of AVI . I have tried converting an image to a Windows meta file but to no avail .

  GroupFC 22:23 23 Sep 2006

I am not sure if I have completely understood what you are trying to achieve here.

It appears that you have created an .avi file from the It's Me S/ware - this has presumably been done from an original photo which you have animated. Are you saying that you can't see how to add music from within It's me? Or do you want to add a sound track to the .avi file (if this is the case it can be done with MovieMaker2 which you will have if you XP(sp2))?

And I am afraid that you completely lost me with your reference to your photo editing suite!

Is the s/ware you are using click here and have you had a look thro' their forums?

  magnus35 23:15 23 Sep 2006

Thanks again , especially to GroupFC for pointing me in the direction of MovieMaker . It appears to fill the bill . A quick trial yielded very rewarding and promising results - imagine what I'll be able to do after reading the instructions !
I've had the PC for only 4 months and am still very ignorant of its capabilities but am aware that there is still a great deal more in the box . If the people attending this forum continue to be as generous with their knowledge then I have no doubt that I will be able to progress .
Thanks again to all .


  wee eddie 23:21 23 Sep 2006

We all do it, or rather forget too.

It's just like driving a car, we all can, it's natural. Just that one has to learn all those inconvenient facts in order to pass the Driving Test.

  GroupFC 07:55 24 Sep 2006

I'm glad I was able to point you in the right direction!

Some useful sites that may help you get to grips with MM2 are click here, click here and click here

Good luck!

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