Adding Second Hard Drive to Gateway PC

  Alzred 17:02 03 Jan 2003
  Alzred 17:02 03 Jan 2003

My daughter has a Gateway Performance 500 (Pentium III) with only a 13Gb hard drive. She needs to add a second HDD (say 40Gb)to give her more capacity but I'm not sure whether this is possible with her setup (motherboard, bios etc).

Does anyone have experience and/or advice to help me with this?

  Diemmess 17:22 03 Jan 2003

Lots of threads on this forum with exactly your query.

In short: Yes

Make sure you have a new data cable............
Make sure you have a spare power lead, most have one lurking in there.

Should set it up so that the "spare HD" is connected to the secondary IDE socket on the motherboard.

There may be some juggling with a CDROM present. No worries if the CDROM is connected to the primary IDE as a "slave".......... What you must do is keep your new HD as a Master, but on the secondary position. If the CDROM is alone on a secondary cable then it is the CDROM that must have its jumper set to slave.

I assume you have already opened the case to see what's wot.

There's more to come when the computer is ready to be switched on before you can use the new HD....... Others may already have mentioned this, or if you are happy with the idea so far, post back and ask for more!

  rmn 17:29 03 Jan 2003

buy a hard drive set the jumper to slave fasten it in the case usually underneath the other one.there will be a second plug half way down the i.d.e. cable that goes to your exsisting hard drive plug this in to your new drive.find a spare power cable plug that in start up your pc and the new drive should be detected by the bios and windows.remember to turn electric of to pc before opening case and earth yourself.any problems post back. darren

  wawadave 17:35 03 Jan 2003

you will allso need to fdisk and format the new hard so windows can see it. for info on how 2
try this link click here

  Alzred 19:45 03 Jan 2003

Thanks for replies so far. Perhaps I should have mentioned earlier that I have no problems with the mechanics of installation of a second hard drive.

What I don't want is my daughter to spend her hard earned cash on buying a 40Gb or larger HDD if it won't be useable to its full (or any) extent because of the motherboard or bios not being able to cope.

The motherboard listed is a WS440BX AA74110-203 which I assume is a WS440BX OEM variant for Gateway and the Bios is listed (both by Belarc check) as 4W4SB0X0.15AA.0013.P08 (Phoenix?). I can't find any useful info on the Intel site about maximum HDD size cabability, bios update etc. (but perhaps I'm not looking in the right places).

Any help in settling this (to me) more technical question will be appreciated.

  DieSse 20:17 03 Jan 2003

t's entirely possible that the motherboard will only support drives up to 32Gb directly, and with such an aging board, it may not even have a BIOS update to solve this.

All is not lost, however - as most HDD manufacturers have (free) disk management software to cirumvent this - for instance Seagate ahve Disk Wizard (see downloads on this site).

Or as an alternative you can get a PCI disk controller board, which will handle large sizes with no problem, and have a higher transfer rate capability as well (usually up to UDMA100 or UDMA133). Promise are a well known and oft rceommended brand.

  Alzred 10:15 14 Jan 2003

Thanks for your response and suggestions. I have received now some helpful information from Gateway Tech Support (which is still operating for UK owners even though their products are no longer sold in the UK) and also from Seagate Presales Support in particular. This gives me the encouragement I need to proceed.

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