Adding a second hard drive

  myanmarboy 08:20 15 Jun 2007

My pc is about three years old and I want to add storage. Some of the articles I have read make this sound as though it is a DIY operation and I would'nt mind saving myself £50 and learning a bit at the same time. If anyone has some good advice and/or can point me in the direction of an up to date article on how it's done I would appreciate it.
Current OS is XP

  ventanas 09:01 15 Jun 2007

Very easy to do. If you open up your PC and locate the existing hard drive, either directly above or below it there will be an empty cradle that will take the second drive. This is the place where you may encounter a problem or two. Frequently it is necessary to remove this cradle altogether to get at the screw fittings on both sides, but if you logically study the layout it should be possible to sort it out. On the rear of the new drive there will be a very small jumper linking two pins. Following the printed guide on the top of the drive, set this jumper to either Slave or Cable Select. They are a bit fiddly to remove and handle, be careful not to drop it. Then fit the drive into the cradle with two screws either side, and replace the cradle in its original place.
Locate the two cables you will need. One four pin power lead coming from the power supply, and one multi-pin IDE connector (coloured grey) on the end of the ribbon cable. Connect these to the new drive making sure they are firmly pushed in as far as possible (they will only fit one way up)and that's it. Hopefully it will be detected when you boot into Windows.

  spuds 11:41 15 Jun 2007

You may need to format the 'new' drive. The manufacturers website should provide the information and possible suggested downloads.

  BRYNIT 12:19 15 Jun 2007

A guide to installing an IDE hard driveclick here

  myanmarboy 21:59 15 Jun 2007

Many thanks for the responses. Does it make any difference which drive I use as Master? and are there differences in quality of drives. I do not game and so the extra space is simply for music, photos etc.

  Strawballs 09:48 16 Jun 2007

You must use the drive with the OS as master,

click here these are all good.

  CodenameCueball 11:19 16 Jun 2007

i recently installed a 40gb hard disk and, you will realise windows does not recognise it. Google "mount a drive" then follow the info to format it. I would persoally choose NTFS as the thing. Hope i am helping,


  myanmarboy 17:13 16 Jun 2007

Thanks again for all responses. Think I have the confidence to do it now. Will come back when it's done.

  myanmarboy 09:02 20 Jun 2007

Many thanks to all who helped me here. I have my new drive up and running and using the older (smaller) one as Slave for spare storage. It has been a very pleasant exercise. Particular thanks to CodenameCueball the "mount a drive" contribution was invaluable.

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