Adding second computer to broadband

  Insomnia 14:40 02 Nov 2005

I've just set my computer up with tiscali's 1MB broadband but i need to connect it to my housemates computer aswell. Can see someone please tell me what I'll need. I think one option is to buy a router but someone aslo told me you can do it using software.

  Jackcoms 14:47 02 Nov 2005

1. Buy a wireless broadband router - one that has its own ADSL modem built in. There are literally dozens to choose from.

2. Then install an ordinary LAN card in the computer that's near to the router (if it doesn't already have one).

3. Buy a wireless network adapter for the second computer. This can either be internal (PCI slot) or external (USB), and won't be expensive (again, if it doesn't have one).

4. Set up the router (takes about 15 minutes) by connecting a lead from it to the ADSL microfilter, and a LAN lead from the router to the first computer. You will now have broadband internet access on this machine via the router.

5. Install the wireless network adapter in the second machine. If you’ve opted for an internal PCI type you need to open up the case, insert the card and let Windows XP detect the card. Cancel the Windows default driver installation and then use the driver disk that comes in the pack. If you’ve opted for a USB type adapter, install the software BEFORE connecting the device.

6. Now reboot everything, including the router, and watch the computers pick up the internet connection. On the wireless machine it will probably be necessary to click on the adapter icon in the system tray (bottom right) and tell it to detect wireless networks (although it may do this on its own). Then tell it to use the connection it finds.

That's it - you should/will have two machines sharing the connection via the router. You don’t need to leave the router on all the time because it will automatically login to the broadband gateway each time it's turned on - all you do is watch the lights.

  uisquebeathus 14:48 02 Nov 2005

the computers have to be connected to the internet and if required to each other there is no magic software that can do it. it has to be wired or wireless, the following sites have walk throughs on how to set up a network and connect that to the internet:-
click here
click here

click here

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