Adding ram to a laptop - please help!

  buel 14:28 22 Dec 2008

I'd like to clear up something that a man who works at my local computer shop said to me (bearing in mind he was trying to sell me a laptop at the time!) i was looking at laptops with vista on that had 2GB of ram with them and i asked him would he add a further 2GB ram into the deal as the laptop was overpriced and i sent him a link to show i could get the exact same laptop for £80 cheaper on the internet, he said he would add an extra 1GB of ram but there was no point increasing it to a total of 4GB as vista only 'sees' 3.2GB of ram, id this true? And if so is this the same case for XP too?
Thankyou in advance to anyone who can shed any light on this issue.

  DieSse 14:35 22 Dec 2008

"...but there was no point increasing it to a total of 4GB as vista only 'sees' 3.2GB of ram"

It's true that 32-bit versions of both Vista and XP cannot see all the RAM (due to some of the address space being used by hardware.) In some cases of older hardware designs, the motherboard may limit the amount even when using 64-bit processors and OSs.

If the graphics use system RAM (as is the case with many laptops) - then this RAM is also "lost" to the graphics.

It's never exactly 3.2GB - it depends on the exact hardware and graphics configuration.

If the RAM is dual-ported - then it may be worth fitting 4GB to get the extra speed that dual-porting gives.

  The Brigadier 14:37 22 Dec 2008

XP will only see up to 3GB of RAM!
The more RAM for Vista the better, 4GB would be fine.

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