alt 09:08 26 Apr 2003

Hi, I am trying to add my printer to the 2nd. computer on my network of 2 computers. Do I have to install the printer driver on this 2nd. PC. I am running 98se on the 2nd. p.c.

  AndySD 10:04 26 Apr 2003

Have you been to Control Panel/Printers and used Add Printer and choose add a network printer. If so then what is the operating system on the other pc?

  alt 10:30 26 Apr 2003

Hi, I didn't explain myself very well. I willstart agaion. Main computer is running windows xp home. Client (if that is the correct word for the 2nd computer) is running win 98 se. Printer works fine with XP Machine, but not at all with the client machine. When you say have I been to the control panel and choose add a network printer I assume you mean me to do this on the client?....

  alt 10:34 26 Apr 2003

Hi I have tried to put the driver into the client machine and at the end it's saying that the PORT settings have to be matched? do I do this?..Thanks for all your help..

  AndySD 11:02 26 Apr 2003

Remove the Driver from the 98 pc

Go to the XP Pc and Go Start choose Printers and Scanners and Right Click on the Printer and choose Sharing and Share the printer. Now Go Start Network Connections and choose the Network Card connecting the PCs and Right Click on it and choose Options ... untick Use Internet firewall.
Now go Back to the 98 pc and using the Add/New in the Printer folder see if it can find the printer.

  alt 11:18 26 Apr 2003

Hi I Have done all this but there is no icon accept one that said "add printer"

  AndySD 11:33 26 Apr 2003

Click on Add Printer and you will start the Add Printer Wizard. Select Next until you see the window that asks if the printer is a Local or Network Printer.

Select Network Printer and press Next. The next window will ask you to locate the printer on the network. Select Browse (Windows 98) to find the printer. Click on Network Neighbourhood then Entire Network then the XP pc you should see the printer. Click on the printer and click ok. Follow the wizard to the end and the printer shouls be installed.

  alt 11:53 26 Apr 2003

Hi I have done all you say and the wizard goes along until it asks for the driver CD. Then it wont finish the wizard even when I put the CD in.

  AndySD 12:14 26 Apr 2003

Go back to the XP pc and Rightclick on the Printer and choose Properties now choose the Sharing Tab click on the Additional Drivers button and install the 98 drivers. Then go back to the 98 pc and use the Wizard again.

  alt 15:01 26 Apr 2003

Hi, Andy....Done and working....Thanks for everything..........Val

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