adding photos to CVs

  Daisy22 18:28 06 Jun 2006

Is there a downloadable free trial package to put a passport sized photo onto a word document?

If not, is there another way to do this, i.e. have text and add a small photo?

many thanks

  mattyc_92 18:33 06 Jun 2006

Simply go to "Insert->Picture->From File" and resize the image when it is in the document.

Then just use a "Text Box" to type something over the image/directly underneth it

  Chris the Ancien 20:50 06 Jun 2006

As an aside... as a manager who has read many CVs...

Photos of the applicant are a dead turn off.

A simple, single page CV with plenty of 'action' words covering your last 5-6 years usually suffices.

When I was going through piles of CVs, I went through three stages:

1. 5 seconds look for presentation. And if that passed...

2. 20 seconds looking for highlights. And if that passed...

3. Actually read it!

  pj123 21:08 06 Jun 2006

Agree with Chris the Ancien. Don't put photo's on CVs.

I was a trainer for a County Council helping to get unemployed back in to work. Part of the job was writing CVs for them. Keep it down to one page but with all the relevant facts.


  Taff™ 08:12 07 Jun 2006

I agree in the first instance. Your 1 or 2 page CV is what gets you the interview. I once had a candidate for first interview who brought an identical CV but with a photograph - that kept her "image" right at the forefront of the interview panel when they were discussing the candidates at the end of the decision process.

Comments like, "which one was the one that..." and "No, I preferred the guy that.... who was that?" just didn`t happen - they all gravitated to the CV with the photograph because that one was the easiest to remember and relate to. They spent more time discussing this candidiate than all the rest put together. Brilliant Tactic!

  Daisy22 08:34 07 Jun 2006

Thanks for all your replies, personally I don't like to put my photo on a CV, however, it's what the employer is asking for so I am only complying with their request.

  fazer 12:27 07 Jun 2006

Daisy 22

Unless you are applying to join a model agency, asking for a photograph up front is on very dodgy ground. The prospective employer should at the very least explain in detail why they require an image and you are certainly within your rights to request a reason.

In respect of your direct request, there is no easier way than what Mattyc sugeested above.

  Legolas 12:35 07 Jun 2006

As it is what the employer is after then you have no choice but as said above they can be a bit of a turn off.

I work for a large employment agency and it is my job to process CV,s and format them into our standard format.

A CV with a picture always gets a bit of a laugh especially a bad picture.

The cheesiest CV I have seen was one of a picture of a jigsaw with a piece missing and the candidate has headlined the CV with "I am the missing piece you have been looking for" that CV caused much groaning and hoots of laughter and derision from my fellow workmates.

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